15 Nov

How to Care for a Leather Jacket

If you have a leather jacket that you like and you want to keep it as long as possible, you must take care. With a few tricks, you can wear your jacket for many years.

Stages of realization

1. Know the type of leather

Find what kind of leather is your jacket. The type of animal is not important, but you need to know if it is pigmented, semi-aniline or aniline leather. This will change the way you go about maintenance. Usually, this information is listed on the label.

2. Treat With a leather protector

Before wearing your leather jacket, treat it with a leather protector. It is usually a vaporizer that you apply yourself and that will help prevent the infiltration of water, stains and dirt.

3. Well To hang his jacket

When you take your jacket, hang it on a hanger as often as possible. As for leather shoes, leather stretches, so avoid placing your jacket on a hook for example since the pressure will be in one place.

4 Dry His jacket when it’s wet

If your leather jacket is wet by rain, for example, don’t worry, but try that it is saturated with water. When it’s wet, hang it on a hanger and let dry at room temperature away from any source of heat such as radiators. Check MensJacketsStore if you want to buy a new dress jacket.

5 Against the tasks of rain

If rain patches appear, you should be able to remove it with a cloth dry. If your jacket is semi-aniline and pigmented, you can use a damp cloth or a leather conditioner.

6 Feed his jacket

If your jacket is semi-aniline and pigmented, the most important thing to do with your leather jacket is to feed. To do this, you need a good quality and a leather cleaner conditioner.

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