01 Jul

How to Choose a Belt Size

Choosing the right belt trousers – this is not an easy exercise. This important accessory can easily hide flaws female figure and emphasize its advantages. It is important to select and wear belts with pants of different colors and styles.

How to Choose Trousers Belt for Women?

Before you go to the store, you need to understand the way in which you can wear the new strip. With trouser suit or elegant pants look expensive leather strap that has a tight clasp and width 3-4 cm.

Decorate your jeans belts in different styles casual, traditional models are basically different interesting way of performance, and unusually buckle. These products can be made ​​from different materials – polymers, plastics, leather and artificial leather and fabric materials.

Good looks twisted belts in slang at lightweight pants or pants with velvet combine perfectly canvas or linen strips with an average width.

There is a important rule selecting this accessory as a belt, as it should match the color of the bag for a pair of shoes or gloves. However, recent trends of our time and allow the possibility of combining areas of colored skirts or pants. If you choose a quality leather belt – must focus on the fact that Easter is a rounded edge, not square. Painted ass – is undeniable sign of quality. If you choose a model with some buttons and rivets it is necessary to bend the belt around each hole to see if it will serve the material. The edges of the lock should not have sharp edges, as no blouse will not survive this belt.

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