28 Jun

How to Choose Belt for Dress

Belt – very versatile accessory is suitable for almost all things in her wardrobe, be it jeans, skirt, dress or coat. And thanks to the fact that a large strap dresses are not only bright and original, but rather a practical element in the wardrobe of every fashion, today’s review we want to coincide with women belts with stones to dresses.

The first and perhaps the most urgent issue that we must respond – how to lift the belt of her dress? To begin to understand that the belt should be chosen, taking into account not only the style and the color of the clothes, but also type figure.

Belt for Clothes

If your wardrobe is an interesting dress-bottoms, and you are concerned, what is the belt for this dress fit best, the good news is that type of torch dress perfectly combined both narrow and wide belts. The only thing what to look for, it is the fact that the belt is so simple and elegant. Avoid big, big buckles, which, combined with the style of dress would be inappropriate.

Fans tulip dresses will surely love thin belt because it is completely in harmony with the type of dress. As a chain belt to cinch the dress will look more than ever on the road. If you prefer to wear dresses with low waist, the choice of the belt in the basement, and similarly for both narrow and broad accessory. Thus, the respective large buckles, rivets or crystals of the belt. In the narrow, tight dress perfect addition shape becomes wide belt. But combined with spacious dress and a narrow belt.

But pick the right accessories to your outfit is only half of the cases because the tie strap dress – not less important stage that is able to transform your look ordinary in unique. So buying a new accessory mastered several techniques of tying straps. Then his image is not only stylish but complete.

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