How to Choose Earrings That Favor Your Face Shape

All women are unique and as well as our body type is different, it is also our face shape. This guide for use of accessories is just that… A guide that can be used to enhance your beauty according to your style in Accessories and features of your face. Note that the shape of our face does not fit into a classification, can find more like somehow and according to this, find the earrings that more support, because there are so many possibilities in the market (long, candelabra, moles, tears etc) that you can feel undecided in choosing, but like everything, there are always accessories that show off the beauty of your face.

In expensive round

the measure of your face is proportional in width and length, being the maximum width to the height of the cheeks. This face shape has a short length. The perfect pair of earrings are elongated according to relationshipsplus; they may be angular or curved, but not completely round. To give a special touch to your look choose earrings like rays or candelabra-shaped but long. Avoid the dots or the candongas, round forms give an unwanted emphasis to the shape of your face. For this type of face among more simple (in terms of volume) and longer better.

Oval faces

The front is just as wide at the cheeks, the features are curved, narrow Chin and the length of the face is average. Being the ideal face shape looks almost all kinds of earrings on it because it is not or very round and very angular. Types of earrings that look to the oval face shape are textured, long and candongas earrings or rings, that Yes prevents lengthy earrings because you do see the elongated face.

Heart shaped faces

The forehead is wider than the cheeks, Chin is close and the length of the face is average. Earrings that look best with this type of face are wide in the bottom part, it is better if they have more design to the bottom, to give balance to the face. Triangle-shaped earrings favor women with heart-shaped face, always keep this in mind. Also favor the long-shaped earrings of tear but with angular edges, candelabra-shaped earrings and small earrings with a pendant at the bottom. In no way you approach the earrings that have volume at the top, round or heart-shaped.

Faces shaped diamond

The length of the forehead and Chin is narrower than the cheeks. The wide earrings or earrings with curves and lines are that they look to this shape of face and highlight the beauty of the cheeks in addition balance face in the area of the Chin. Also the earrings look in in the form of wide chandelier and polka dots or tacks. Avoid very long and narrow earrings, they see the face longer and not emphasize the cheeks.

Square face shape

Its length is short, form the forehead, cheeks, jaw and Chin are almost of the same width, also features are angular. the earrings that look to these types of faces are all those that are round or curved shapes, also enhance your beauty earrings long or in the form of tear. As the jaw is very marked for this type of face looking for ways to suavisen your angles. It avoids the earrings completely square or angular.

Rectangle face shape

This shape of face length is long and somewhat similar to the square face shape. The earrings that look to this type of face are wide, with rounded edges, even earrings candelabra that comply with the former property. Prevents the earrings long and angular shapes, this type of face is elongated by nature, so must find a balance.

As General for all kinds of face Councils keep in mind:

  • It is that your earrings do not pass Chin unless you have a weakness for dramatic earrings .
  • Find earrings that look to your face and create harmony.
  • Remember that the angular earrings look to faces with curved features and curved earrings look to faces with angular features.