06 Jul

How to Choose Leather Belts

The belt is an important accessory for men and every man has at least a few. Sometimes, however, buy a belt, just because we liked without thinking about important details.

What Is the Length?

When you buy a belt, try it. It is best to your belt is fastened on one of the middle holes. This will allow you to relax when you eat more abundant, and tighten it if you suddenly lose weight, for example after illness.

How to Be Wide?

Actually, it depends on the nuts of your pants. If you are loose, you better buy a wide belt, however track not fill the whole nut. Not necessarily a formal trousers to put a thin belt on sale, and daily – wide.

What to Buckle?

Today there are all sorts of hardware – ranging from classic with tongue and get to the ultra-modern buckles that hardly require no accompanying instruction manual. Here already all depends on your own taste and pants, which will wear the belt. Excluded official trouser belt to put a massive cowboy buckle.

What Material?

And art, and leather have their advantages. One is cheaper and in some cases more sustainable, the other is more stylish and environmentally friendly. Remember, however, that in both cases it is very important how it is treated and what is the covering layer. Usually the official belts with semi-gloss finish or polish, and daily – with matt or no coverage.

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