02 Nov

How to Choose Lingerie Pregnancy

For 9 months, our body will change and evolve, so no question of skimping on comfort and support. Here are our tips for choosing her pregnancy underwear.

In the first weeks, our breasts gain volume. This is also one of the first signs of the new state! Sometimes painful, our chest needs for nine months of softness, comfort and support.

The perfect bra during pregnancy

For our bra, it can take one to two cup sizes (depth) and bust (width). During this period, it is also important that our chest is properly supported. In everyday life, we therefore put on bras with a round back and shoulder straps wide enough to ensure a secure fit. It also avoids the models with frames that can quickly become painful. Indeed, they tend to compress the belly and breasts.

One can also choose scalable bras if one wishes to breastfeed our baby. These models have straps and removable caps for easy breastfeeding. Convenient!

Special panties pregnant women

During pregnancy, our hips widen and our belly swells. These new curves require some adjustments, especially in the choice of maternity panties . Avoids wearing models that shake our hips too. Two options are available to us: the low waist with elastic models that pass under our container without disturbing us or pregnancy panties high waist that cover our belly for more support. Material side, it is better to adopt cotton, if this is not already the case, for maximum comfort.

We do not hesitate to pounce on female models. Comfort, yes, but with a little imagination it’s even better!

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