26 Dec

How To Wear 50s Style Dresses

A beautiful and feminine dress in its simple form is incredibly beautiful and elegant. The dress is solid color black with fine lace in the short sleeves and the upper part. The top has a glossy black before, so that it in no ways is transparent. On the other hand, the sleeves are only produced in blonde, they are transparent and gives the dress a very feminine look.

Midi Formal Dress

The dress is made of a heavy viscose jersey by internetages.com that fall really nice and are very comfortable to wear. The round neckline has a fine, narrow edge of faux fur.

Burgundy Dress 50’s
Beauty dress with a flattering cross-over bust and flowing skirt. This dress has short sleeves and a cute detail with tape that can be tied in bow on the back. The dress is made of delicious jersey with good stretch properties, so it is really nice and has nice comfortable to wear.

A very suitable dress for both weekdays and party. The dress is also available on internetages.com in these beautiful colors purple, green, Navy Blue, black, Royal Blue and grass green.

Tunic Dress in Red and Terracotta Multi print
Nice light tunic/dress in a super nice multi print with red, terracotta and Golden hues. The dress has a nice V-neckline, it is narrow and fairly deep. The carving has a flat edge and sits really nice. If you want a button so deep carving, it can easily be sewn together, or held together with either a small brooch.

In the same material is also a wonderful shirt blouse. And see also the dress in the fine Brown and turquoise shades.

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