13 Nov

How to Wear Dresses in Summer

HOORAY, spring has officially arrived! Well, it’s still still a little chilly, but who cares, there is hope that finally the summer is coming. And who says was, said light dresses and maxi dresses (my favorite). If you’re like me and you are the kind you pack as soon as the mercury climbs above zero and the Sun as the tip of his nose for several consecutive days, you finally get your sunglasses, your little booties (chow bye big boots lined) and you start dreaming about your shorts and tank tops. But, it will have to wait a little for those here. On the other hand, I show you today my little tricks to wear my summer dresses – which terribly missed me-as soon as he made 1 and more outside. The fastest of you will have already guessed my thing, which is also a must-have fashion this year: layering.

For some time, I discovered the power of layering. It feels a bit to reinvent her wardrobe e every day, and honestly, it gives a style of fire when it is successful. Then, just to be clear, I do not speak here of the base layering I did several years ago (dress + sticker + big bottom of wool + armed shoes + cardigan Daddy + big knitted scarf), although there is nothing wrong with it; I’m talking about the layering that out of the ordinary. So, I’ve prepared a small article to inspire you to wear your pretty summer dresses today in the agenceant in a way surprising that hangs out in your wardrobe.

1 Tights & Boots

Let’s start with the classic base – and Oh how logical – to keep our legs warm tights, stockings or boots. Why not opt for tights to interesting pattern, or create an effect of black textures by superimposing black summer dresses with polka dots, black socks frilly-frilly and the shoes / heels leather. I say YES. Another option at the bottom in wool that rise above the knee are cuisardes boots, so distinguished. You are sure to turn heads wearing them! Finally, why not put Sandals on your feet?Personally, I like many downs in heels sandals or platform sandals, it gives the oumpf a set.

2 Layers over

Then, why don’t we just add layers over your favorite summer dress, short or Max. My personal favorite is to put a crop too – preferably, wool or cut into structured t-shirt-over my dresses to create the illusion of a skirt. Makes me feel like going shopping for new pieces, and more person doesn’t recognize your dress. And then, according to the cool outdoors, just add layers; for example: Wool Sweater + dress shirt and jeans + leather jacket. In short, the possibilities are endless!

3 Layers underneath

Finally, for a more original look, why not put your sundress over other pieces? It reminds a little bit the idea behind overalls. For the colder days, opt for a turtleneck or long sleeves to create a contrast between your dress and a thicker fabric. And when the mercury will rise, opt for a t-shirt oversized or crop for a look that married the masculine and the feminine. I also love the idea of wearing a dress summer flowy by on a skinny jeans and short-being one of the big trend this summer-crop pants and under a sweater. Again, all is both boyish and feminine.

Finally, absolutely nothing you stop wearing your dresses of summer right now! Now that spring has finally arrived, just wait for that summer would point the tip of his nose. And you, how will you your summer dress tomorrow?

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