29 Jun

How to Wear Women’s Belt?

The main thing in accessories – the right to vote and to know how to wear them. Some seek women fashion belts to wear them a certain article of clothing. Some see in a store stylish ladies belts stunning beauty and can not give them up without thinking as to what they wear.

How to Wear Women’s Belt?

On thin belt women, then they indicated that it is limited. They can be worn with almost all products – shorts, skirts, pants, dresses and blouses, with it stretching into the slot or wear on top. There is no need to tighten these bands at the waist with a belt blouse can be raised a little higher, and belts and belt women to dress down to the hip. Good and true image will appear in military style that is complemented by classic thin strap. You can also wear several areas simultaneously.

At the peak of popularity are wholesale belts. Currently, they are transformed into reference corsets. These women are good belts jeans, in addition, they are entirely free to emphasize the waist blouse, dress or tunic spacious.

Combine the finest fabrics of their dresses with narrow bases korsetnыmy areas. The most popular in the coming season will belts, rubber bands that have come into the world of fashion from the 80s. These models are just at the waist. These are lighter shade will look great with a colorful dress or gown contrasting shades.

Famous fashion show on the catwalks of woven belts. Thus, the tissue may have the same structure as the dress or differ from him.

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