I Have a DeJa Vu. Bianca (Jagger), Jane (Birkin), Yoko (Ono) Are You?…

Fashion icons never die, icons of fashion never go out of fashion and fashion icons are worshipped for their generation and the future. They marked an era, a style and a way of appearing to dress them, the bloggers, they have made it their own, they look it and up to the exceed.

Jane Birkin

We have started with who could well be the Jane Birkin of the new century. She is Anabelle Fleur and endorses the passage of the flower power to the power blogger.

Yoko Ono

Loved and hated, vilipendiana, and worshipped, Yoko Ono He reigned in the 70’s and his reign lasted decades. Her slim in white outfits, his round glasses and your make love not war are in the annals of fashion and history. Analisa from California reminds us that there it all began and there seems that it continues: in land of the sunny California who both sang the Beach Boys.

Anna Karenina

The unhappy heroine of Tolstoy lived in times of corsets and crinoline, but if I would have done it today, his face and look is certainly seem Russia’s Marie b.

Patti Smith

The Queen of the leather had a name, Patti. It was sloppy, somewhat male, she was the godmother of punk. Michalina from Poland It reminds us that the loss is no longer a thing of rock stars and to mix a chiffon dress with a leather perfect nude is the most.

Bianca Jagger

Jet black hair, infarction and long lurex platforms. Bianca Jagger He danced to gorge and lived till you drop in the 70s and 80s. She may never intended it but left to remember their anthology pants elephant leg, his love for the tailored suits and the white (one of them married with Jagger lips) and her look of femme fatale and mouth of pinion that dazzled even the most wayward rolling. Perhaps Olivia never met her, you have never heard his name or you have not copied his style but appear so, seems it.

Annie Hall

Who was going to tell him to Diane Keaton his masculine look of girl with little taste for scarce and female curves, unless they are shown, exceed its decade and the following. Miami Steffy reminds us that men can be hyper-feminine.