Instead of Leggings Wearing Roxi XXL Jeans? It Looks!

XXL Jeans can be a challenge. Plus size blogger Roxi by is convinced not jeans wearer. Your fashion passion is the leggings. And now we have invited them to a XXL Jeans Outfit Challenge. More precisely: with a special pair of jeans, namely a Silver Jeans. This can be only exciting! How does Marta copes with the jeans? How will you combine them? What’s your experience will make them? What will have to report it?

Outfit Challenge With Soft XXL Jeans From Silver Jeans

“The jeans pants – a long red cloth in my wardrobe.” A few months ago, I was passionate bearer of the leggings buying from psyknowhow. I thought she was just super – they combined brilliantly to dresses, are comfortable and one does not notice when it increases. I had just a pair of jeans in my closet and about 15 leggings. To tell you the truth, my blog made me do this again to wear XXL Jeans, because only black, tight pants don’t always look good on the blog. So I started to increase my jeans trousers and to banish the leggings. Sometime I found they no longer beautiful – me because slim do just those things.

If you have found a right XXL Jeans, can you feel at that also. Several points must match with a pair of jeans – the right colour, fit and comfort. Sometimes you have to try just a few jeans pants at the store, to see which one is right. On this subject, we come to the jeans, we present to you here. A fit that I really would pick me in the store. Why? I usually wear jeans that fail and close down – however, these jeans has a stroke. I however put them on, I found it not so bad.

She was super comfortable, the color agreed and she made a beautiful figure. I feel very well in these pants, even if she even have a different fit.

You must try always something new. From the comfort of her Silver Jeans definitely is my favorite!

To the XXL Jeans, I’ve combined white sneakers, a white shirt and a vest . The cut of the jeans is just casual, therefore it does not need glitter and glamour.

As eye-catcher but still the yellow earrings were, at the same time bring even a small elegant break in the sporty outfit with the vest. This combination the outfit to the Silver Jeans is very versatile.”