05 Nov

Leather Jacket How to Choose

Blouson Style

To choose a jacket already start by choosing a style: a bomber? A zipped jacket? A buttons? A bomber jacket? A Teddy? Also note that I used the term “jacket” which is a bit simplistic because there are alsojackets and leather coats. Different styles is key here:

The aviator

The bomber jacket began its existence almost at the same time that man could fly in the sky, around 1900 Its characteristics are different depending on the model and you’ll discover if you try to deepen ( a first track by visiting our article on the history of the bombers ). Thus, A-1 jacket includes traditional buttons and a collar ribbing while that of the A-2 is leather with zippers and snaps. The confusion is usually done with G1 type jackets that equipped the soldiers of the US Air Force in the 40 with characteristics similar to A2 (1930) except that its cut is slim and it also offers the possibility a sheepskin collar back / removable faux fur. These are the two models that are found most abundantly in the market, sometimes in their original state, sometimes with some fantasies …

Some Models

Bomber Jacket Selected – € 198 at ASOS
Aviator jacket type A-2 Schott – 299 € at Menlook
bomber jacket type A-2 Wrangler – 350 € at Zalando
of cowhide Leather Bomber Jacket type G-1 Nudie – € 557 at Revolve clothing
aviator jacket type G-1 General Officine – € 990 from Mr Porter

The Biker

Leather models adopted by bikers are historically the so called Perfecto. These are jackets with asymmetrical zip closure and a classic collar, a zip pocket on the chest, another buttoned at the belly and shoulder pads and a belt at the waist (this is the description of Schott 613). Historically, Schott who first helped popularize this type of jacket, although it is in at all good (and bad) hides manufacturers and even some brands of ready-to-wear. style level it has today evolved from its original version and found very minimalist models, more chic who marry more varied outfits.

Did you know?
Perfecto is actually the name of the favorite cigar brand Irving Schott, creator of the famous jacket.

To deepen, see our subjects on the history of Perfecto and How to choose Perfecto ?

The Racer

Although we’ve seen this type of leather jacket for bikers exist since 1930, he was actually popularized in Europe in the early 60s by the movement Cafe Racer. In opposition to the drivers of Harley Davidson, they were equipped with European motorcycles, including English and looking for more speed than comfort. They did not hesitate then to tamper with their vehicles to make them lighter, more maneuverable and faster. Theirdress code was inspired by the style “Rockers”: greasy hair, banana, jeans etc. and included this type of leather jacket buttoned to the neck mao, a zipper and two chest pockets. This type of jacket is still the most widespread and As of the time it is sometimes fitted with a collar for a more style-wise.

Some Models

Biker Jacket Asos – € 143 at ASOS
Biker Jacket lambskin Schott – € 239.20 at Galeries Lafayette
jacket goat leather biker Nudie – 399 € at Menlook
Biker Jacket Sword – € 548 in Farfetch
biker jacket MCQ by Alexander McQueen – € 990 in Mr Porter

The Teddy

His real name “letterman jacket” or “varsity”. If the foundation was not a jacket but a sweater on which Harvard University’s sports had affixed a large H in order to distinguish from other teams, his jacket release arrived only in the 1930s . at the time, it presents the students with American campuses who have achieved outstanding performance, the first of the class what! He later became reserved for members of sports teams, the form which we know today. Generally, it comprises a letter on the torso which is totally wool, provided with ribbing at the neck, waist and wrist and then leather sleeves. It is now found in more minimalist versions without cover and in random colors no university representative.

Some Models

Teddy wool with cowhide handles Dickies – € 190 at Zalando
Teddy wool with leather sleeves Selected – € 189 at Menlook
pigskin Teddy Chevignon – € 295 in Chevignon
Teddy wool with cowhide leather handles Golden Bear – € 319 in Endclothing
Teddy wool with leather sleeves Balibaris – € 360 in Balibaris
teddy woolen sleeves with goat leather beams plus – € 405 from mr porter

The Bomber

He generally called bomber is actually a type of jacket that airmen were from the Second World War. If we have already addressed the military jackets A-2 and G-1, its code name B-3. Although already existing in the 20s, vintage jacket is only much later that it became a military uniform with the primary mission to protect from the cold. And it’s normal since the beast! You say. This jacket is usually cut in sheepskin and lined with fur wool exceeding in the neck, wrists and waist. It is zipped, has two pockets in the ribs and a clamping leg neck.Basically, it was intended to airmen who went on mission in cold countries.

Some Models

Bombardier sheepskin Schott-€ 720 at Zalando
Bombardier merino sheepskin-€ 1,138 in Allsaints
bomber lambskin Closed-€ 1,249 at Menlook
bomber shearling Hoon-€ 1,850 at L’Exception


Black is the most common color. I myself have a preference for brown. But there are also beautiful gray jackets, and more original colors like green, blue or red …

Where to Buy?


They offer leather jackets in a price range from 150 to 250 €. The leather is not terrible but you can find beautiful cuts and jackets that may well be the case if we know anyway that does not necessarily take enough care to keep it for years . Note that a jacket € 100, is rarely leather, but a “faux leather” made from synthetics such as polyurethane.

The specialists

Brands that are found most often and offering midrange jackets between 200 and 500 € for the correct quality leathers, often made with lamb and cow.

Some brands: Korintage, Mac Douglas, Oakwood, Redskins, Schott, Serge Pariente…

Other specialists leather garment, but more upscale with better finishes and better leathers. You should know that Schott has done a lot of effort at this level with a range of leathers made in the USA from high quality output in 2013 for prices exceeding certain times 1000 €.

The creators

They are many and may have very close historical models of classic brands of leather, but they generally engage in more popular designs, with more futuristic and original cuts that are worked. It takes more than 1,000 €.


It also distinguishes called “leather artisans’ and craftsmen / traders especially at local level, who have real knowledge and can offer very beautiful leather clothing (including a customized offer). Allow a budget of at least € 750.

Thrift Stores

They offer jackets and leather jackets of resale that have a distinct advantage: one can buy for cheap quality items. For a hundred euros you can find a jacket that in his youth was costing 3 times.

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