16 Nov

LED Touch Screen Watch

This new model of Japanese LED watch is simply beautiful. Luxury model with snake imitation leather strap and blue and white LED encircling touch dial. A simple little pressure on the dial and the time is displayed and the LEDs instantly dazzle you in a miniature light show on your wrist.

At a Glance …

* Touch Dial
* Hours and minutes
* Soft Bracelet , leather

Dial: blue and white LED encircling the
black leather bracelet snake imitation leather, 18cm in length, with 7 holes
” button ” (touch dial) to view and adjust the time
settings: hours and minutes
1 pileCR2016 already installed


* gently press the dial so that the time is displayed
* the box on the photo is not included
* This watch is not waterproof

package Contents:

* watch blue LEDs with touch dial


* How can I set the time on this watch?
Hold your finger on the screen. After displaying the time, the display is clear and time will then start flashing. Then set the time and then operate the same way for minutes.
* What type of battery should I use?
As demonstrated on CentralLEDWatch, this LED watch requires a CR2016 battery, commonly known as button cell.
* The battery lasts how long?
The longer even than for the other watches since it only shows the time when you want.
* this is a ” Tokyo Flash watch ”?
No, it’s even better than a watch ” Tokyo Flash ” because it is much cheaper and it has a warranty of 12 months.

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