Leggings, This Versatile And Comfortable Garment That You Should Not Miss

I declare myself a fan of leggings. It was not a garment that I love. Even so, since they became fashionable I have some and put it to me once in a while. However, two weeks ago I’ve done I advocate this kind of malla-pantalon firm.

I already confessed my unconditional devotion to the jeans in the post “jeans, SUV fashion”, but now I realize that leggings are also essential in any female wardrobe with suggestion of shoppingpicks.

In recent days, due to personal reasons that I am not going to stop me now to tell, I’ve done a couple of long trips, and I had to spend several days in the hospital (as accompanist). On both occasions, I chose to wear with leggings. In the case of the trip, I decided to get the thicker jersey and it occupied more space in your suitcase as well as boots that if you got them in the luggage also would have left out others many garments, and leggings were the option that most convinced me to finish the set. On the other hand, to go to the hospital, I also wore leggings, but this time because it was what I found most hand to leave home as soon as possible.

In the end, I had to spend several days there, and leggings have been my faithful companions. With all this, come to say, what I have not found anything with what has been so comfortable. All kinds of movement, running, climbing, get off, Crouch, allow you to catch child… almost like a second skin. I think that they have covered the function the tracksuit in those who do not use it or to go to the gym.

In fact, the leggings became popular in the 1980s, when Jane Fonda made famous his program of aerobics and the fashion was more carefree and irreverent. This garment allowed them to dance. Madonna, Marta Sánchez and Flashdance film are other examples of the role occupied in the costumes of the era. During the first years of the 21st century designers rescued them and returned to include them in their parades. At first timidly under skirts and dresses. Later, the combinations have changed and legging is increasingly more visible, combined with long t-shirts or sweaters maxi.

And this is where comes the nuance. They leggings are versatile, comfortable and modern, but they are not pants. If they are not accompanied by a long enough garment they are ordinary and little flattering, since leaving certain parts uncovered, it seems that we have not finished dress. Recently sent me a joke saying: “drunkards, children… and leggings always tell the truth”. Instead of teaching, intimate, your look will always be more attractive.