Lemaire + Uniqlo = the Right Mix

More “Jil Sander” “Carine Roitfeld”, the ultimate collaboration Uniqlo/Lemaire shines by its lines are pure, its generous, its ind volumes undeniable comfort and cuts from the essential. Careful however not to flatter its minimalist dimension, under pain of falling into an aust laughs a bit boring…

Here, point pi this fancy to intoxicate us time for a season or retail trend that would allow us to register our silhouette in tune with the times: the opus summer imagin by Lemaire for Uniqlo claw is not these collections capsules for ant line in hopes of attracting the attention of the addicted fashionista Instagram. 

Rather than a myriad of mod p bad, Lemaire book us and for the 2016 t column green brain of a completely timeless wardrobe. And if the whole may seem first seen a bit too wise and pure, suffice it nonetheless t lescoper jans smaller sportswear of these mod mood the stylistic universe diam s diametrically opposed to us dial of the silhouettes look much stronger than soporific.

In practice, you can opt for the following sets:
That red dress (belt high waist)- this khaki jacket + an e dor cuff bracelet- this pair of white sneakers
This body + wide-leg pants ultra men’s (steppe in the menswear Department at Dries Van Noten) + a pair of sandals flat + collar maxi skirt (choose khaki) that yellow jacket + these camel heels Sandals
This mustard cape + total denim look
This dress shirt port e totally d boutonn e on a white Nightie midi dress + this pair of Red sneakers
These pants in cotton serg (choose Orange function) + a gray sweatshirt neckline cut e + necklace + these sneakers

As many associations that we don’t h sitera not change the environment, both falsely neutral nature of the IP those imagined by Christophe Lemaire and Sarah-Linh Tran allows them to invent a thousand lives…

PS: We note also the presence among the 33 ft these collection a mac coat which the pure will dress as well a seventies as a silhouette sportswear look, two white dresses – see here and l – who once accompanied are a Tan dor and flat Sandals ultra fine is r v ing ideal for combining chic and natural, without forgetting this honey to the deep V-neck sweater and wide pants.