22 Nov

Natalia Vodianova for Vogue Russia

A few weeks ago we saw a Madonna with the look of Bunny that will be the focus of the next season in Louis Vuitton. For many, it was incomprehensible to the fact that the Queen of pop tip is for such styling when it comes to attend one of the most glamorous galas of the year, the annual party at the Metropolitan Museum of New York.

For my particular style seemed more appropriate to assist the mansion Playboy than for an event of this significance. I say, Marc Jacobs He is extremely creative, independent and groundbreaking. It always has an ACE under sends it in terms of average childlike touch that can at the same time propose designs of the most trendy. It is like a game this design for it.

However, with the cover of Vogue Russia starring by Natalia Vodianova I understood that the middle child and fun sense which keeps Jacobs. The model if that looks as escape from a children’s story with the mono-orejas roses, but his look fiera and the pink bodice makes us believe that it will be more like a story a little “kinky” and not as children. I think that an impression that only women in the style of the Vodianova created, is that touch that Russians have between being perfect dolls and achieve to be sexy’s at a time.

By the way, loved the necklace of large stones. I think that this accessory could become my next fetish.

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