Same Article, Different Looks: Jeans Skinny Grey for This Spring-Summer 2010

With waterproof boots (we know that in April, aguas mil), sandals with socks or ankle boots; Blazer, trench coat or shawl to shelter Kate Moss style mode: jeans Skinny in grey they are the new garment it of the spring-summer 2010 in a matter of denim territory. The blues are timeless question and gray, like white, but conversely, some time ago that it has ceased to be a winter color.

Nicole Richie is addicted to this tone of jeans and he has walked this design signed by John Eshaya (designer based in Los Angeles whose model JET carries all celebrity Hollywood self-respecting) by different parts of the globe and under very different circumstances.

The hermanisima of Paris Hilton, Nicky, is another that points to the tendency of the grey denim. If it combines her jeans with a bullfighter of tweed in the same tones. Very Chanel.

Worn version is that more triumphs. Here, proposed mango.