Skoguiden Part 3: Skofrossa

Skoguiden have in their previous two sections dealt with different types of shoe models and concept brogue. Sometimes it can be nice to avoid ple’s technical terms to exclusively revel in stylish shoes. Therefore, we have tried to compile some of the world’s most reputed shoemakers to show the craftsmanship behind the shoes.

first Santoni – This small Italian shoemaking consists of only 20 shoemakers, led by founder Andrea Santoni manufactures high quality shoes in a very exclusive clientele.

  1. A.Testoni – Testoni hear might not be the most exclusive Italian shoe manufacturers, but caters to a slightly wider audience with a mix of both classic and very little sportier shoes. Include buying on
  2. Kiton – Kiton is perhaps best known for his tailoring, which belongs to Italy’s and the world’s foremost. The family company possesses but also the noble art of producing insanely stylish shoes.
  3. Silvano Lattanzi – Italian can be quite wayward, and Silvano Lattanzi is no exception. To give their shoes a unique platinum decided Lattenzi of burying their shoes in a pit and then let them grow old there for six months, just like an aged cheese.

first John Lobb – John Lobb has since 1846 been the very tip of the British cobbler. In 1976 the company was bought by the French Hermés, which broadened the range of clothing. The original deal in London, however, remain under its ownership.

  1. Crockett & Jones – Britain skomecka called Northampton, where among other things, Crockett & Jones houses. C & J is a family business which is now the fourth generation of control. Each pair of shoes will take eight weeks to produce and comprises about 200 operations.
  2. The Church’s – now owned by Prada, which according to several skofantaster has led to the brand lost some of its quality. The shoes are sewn However, just like Crockett & Jones remains in its own factory in North Hampton.
  3. Tricker’s – Royal Warrant for Prince Charles who otherwise makes shoes for pretty reasonable prices.
  4. Alfred Sargent – Again a family recesses in the fourth generation with headquarters in North Hampton.

first Reed – England and Italy are perhaps the countries that are most strongly associated with shoemaking. However, there are a number of exceptions, such as Budapest, where Mr Reed is housed. Fredrik Hulting (Dagens PS) has written a very interesting article about his visit with Reed.

  1. Alden – We have previously mentioned Alden in connection with the article on Tasselloafern which American Alden is primarily known for.
  2. Berluti – French Berlutis shoes are pure works of art. The design is generally very sober, with elegant lines. Feels like a streamlined sports car.
  3. Scheer – Vienna is another famous skomakarstad, which includes Scheer found. Since its inception in 1816, the company has provided royalty throughout Europe with their shoes.
  4. Allen Edmonds – Another successful American shoe manufacturers are Allen Edmonds, who does very classic shoes without standing out too much.