Spring-Summer Trends That Is Transformed: 10 Keys to 2009 in Light of 2010

As of the trends and their matches is sometimes one mystery greater than the island of Lost, and that designers will interfere with one another and present fabrics, colors, materials, long, reasons, ultimately looks like creating trends, adds that from year to year, these same trends are practically designed to mutate in patterns that are a logical continuation. Let me explain: what a year the tone of the summer is white? The following is the nude (and going up in the palette). What a summer takes the military look? The next triumph the aires missionaries.

I.e., although many trends are maintained, because they find your site, they repeat themselves and ultimately become classics, most of them: or is break from one season to another through antagonistic elements, or is perpeteuan in the form of extension or scan of a different branch.

This is the case for example of the tropical print, one of the keys of the spring-summer 2009, that this spring/summer 2010 turns on natural print.

1. If the year past the Amazon rainforest or Gauguin’s Polynesia were the inspiration, this spring-summer, Palm it is nature in general, without much exotic touch.

Forest nymph triumphs the touch to the Diane Von Furstenberg (Center cover photo), or what Mischa Barton.

2. Last season Miuccia Prada put fashion materials organic flax or raffia, tough and hard fall, but this year that succeed are the fabrics more light, Ethereal and sheer (it is not at odds with that are organic), and not only in dress, also in pants, tops and jackets.

Something like this Chloe Zoe Kravitz.

3. The applied technique last summer were the metal stamping and the origami effect. This spring the holes in the fabric not accompained cut with scissors or laser to the origami but take the networks.

4. Fashion ringtones just a year ago was the fluorescent and neon lights. This intensity is turned off and the blinding becomes cake.

5. Last season was out of Africa which was thread of a current that was put in the spotlight the safari look: This season is the more rural Antoinette which brings back the peasant look.

6. What they were in the spring-summer 2010 flowers embedded as petals and buds are this spring-summer Ruffles (microvolantes for friends).

The cheap version of the silk georgette you’ve got this season at H & M’s hand from his collection Garden.

7. Even if Dolce & Gabbana to endeavor for their D & G line, the cowgirl look yields this season in favor of the Indians.

Jessica Szohr, lover of the ethnic and multicultural, applies the navajo tale in Gossip Girl.

8. Nina Ricci or Ungaro uncovered in 2009 the dresses with tail for special occasions. In 2010, the trend ahead short sexy and long at the back takes the form of pronounced slit to the front.

Jennifer Aniston dared this at the Golden Globes.

9. The measure fishing was the stopcock of the trousers last spring; This, the winter leggings are converted in cyclists. And not only in elastic, also for clothing, clamp version.

  • It XXS It monopolized both the summer season measures of skirts and dresses. The roles are reversed, and this spring it XXL it becomes the new length from waist down. It is worth everything that is below the ankle.

Miranda Kerr has already changed the chip of the least covered, you sign up?