27 Dec

Stick The Waist

Following trends in Accessories for this spring/summer, take note of this: No matter if you’re wearing a long evening gown, a dress type cocktail or one of diary: stick a belt at the waist. If you like it, yeah.

The case is the plug-in in question passes by one of its best moments. Any styling accepts it, and not matter much that is fine or thick. Kate Moss He chose one very fine with a gold ornament to accompany your Red evening dress in the presentation of its collection in London. On the other hand, to the New York it preferred black and wide. How they like also the Olsen (pictures below).

Others that point to fashion are Kate Middleton It is still the “Vip the VIP” in almost all London, although for my taste festivals is the ugliest and least suitable for that dress belt. More rightly have chosen it Jade Jagger and Diane Kruger, I would even swear that it is the same model. The German know is Chanel, the daughter of Mick and Bianca Jagger’s I’m not sure, in any case both are wide average, in patent black leather and with square buckle. Which I like most of all that they’ve uploaded.

Although the Palm this stick a belt-take it Victoria Beckham that he has worn several times this year, which is probably the most wide belt of the season. That Yes, the Queens of the belt are the Olsen twins that you even share those that have.

Of course, although they have their point, I have no very clear whether with the arrival of the heat Vicky Beckham belts and the Olsens are a practical fashion.


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