Summer Style: Enjoy the Warm Temperatures with the Hippie Look

Summer, Sun and flower-power feeling! The temperatures are rising and it’s finally time for airy dresses, shorts and colorful accessories. “Love, peace and rock and roll” the popular look of the wild 1960s and 70s is fixed have always been part of the fashion world and showing us this summer again where it’s fashionable at. Loose, easily and effortlessly enjoy the warm temperatures – exactly what makes the popular hippie trend, boho look, from. By fringes of flower-power prints to crochet use, the styling fantasy, no limits are set in this fashion trend.

The Ultimate Hippie Look

Lightweight fabrics, colorful dresses and eye-catching patterns – be stylishly keep out the hot summer temperatures. Everything in the trendy hippie look can shine of the hair over the makeup and the clothing, with the matching accessories. For the perfect hairstyling, you need nothing more than your hair – no flat iron or even comb. The wild and fine the mane, the better. Colorful hair ribbons, braiding hairstyles and wreaths of flowers complete the look. In makeup of terms of, the hippie look is naturalness. Emphasize your eyes with an eyeliner and mascara in natural colors. A tender Rouge for cheeks and bright shades for the lips meet here–less mean more this trend definitely!

Wide cuts, airy fabrics and playful details are the basic ingredients for the perfect hippie look. So colourful Maxi dresses, casual tunics, Bell-bottoms and fringed jeans are not only the ideal summer Fellowship, in combination with delicate patterns, flower ornaments, feathers, tassels, beads and fringes showing on Dentistrymyth to take the hippie look on the point. Especially with Festivalhost, this fashion trend is particularly popular and now also fixed part. The Coachella Festival in California is one of the largest in the world and every year on the new trend stage for this trendy hippie look.

But also in the Office or in the spare time of the charming look place. An embroidered tunic or blouse you can combine simple jeans and a simple summer shoe. Thus, the look is not only airy, lightweight for warm summer days, but also perfect for the Office. And in a stylish Maxi dress with delicate hippie details you can enjoy virtually every employment – of the stroll to the cocktail party -.

Pockets in the Hippie Look

Fringe, beads, tassels, colorful embroidery and striking patterns can be found not only on dresses, tunics and co. Charming details adorn many pocket models. While hardly a model exudes more lightness and cool nonchalance as the Bucket Bag. Their loose form, soft materials, and the playful tie are the perfect addition to a fashionable look in the hippie style.

The hippie look is a versatile trend that the by dreamy than sexy to down to casual elegant loads of styling game space can be and thus has something for every taste. Whether subtle hippy accents or full styling program – this look should not be missed in the summer. Show the colorful shoulder everyday boring and romp with full of flower power.