The Jersey’s Point: a Pledge of Transition

I know with the constant waves of cold that is suffering from the peninsula, begin to talk of transition clothing It may be too optimistic and premature, but I hope that this will serve to go calling on a good weather, take or will arrive early.

This Spring-summer 2010 Returns a garment that had been long without coming out: the fine knitted sweater, draught, which is loose, sometimes teaching the shoulder and often acquires colors Earth, aged colors.

The runways have recovered it with joy and I have to admit that I like very much, for wear with skinny or pants baggys. It is one informal, very casual garment It allows us to keep us a little in the still-fresh spring nights.

It is a garment that can take an air very cool as it shows Alexander Wang.

Although it admits possibilities more sophisticated, as short of Etro costumes or the set of twin-set of Jason Wu. There are always more modern forms of wear the clothing life of our wardrobe.

With shorts and short sleeves can also serve to go to the Beach, taking into account that they are made of a very fine fabric, often with holes that make that you turn it does not give much heat.

With a little luck may have some jersey of this type in the the wardrobe, which is perfect, because a vintage not bad comes to this garment.

Can you give us more game if we mix it with color or use as overlay.

In Mango We have some revisions of this garment view on the perch does not say much,

but to win when we combine it wisely, for example, with jeans campaign.