Victorio & Lucchino Buyer Finds after Two Years

The Spanish firm Victorio & Lucchino It has been two years in bankruptcy. The financial crisis relentlessly to the brand of José Víctor and José Luis. The Group Six Valves just rescuing Victorio & Lucchino of the courts and aims to relaunch the firm soon.

It was two years ago the firm Victorio & Lucchino in insolvency proceedings, Although they wanted to reduce its structure I not come to fruition. At the moment they have survived thanks to licenses that have, although they also lost some of them along the way. The Group Six Valves, owner of Lois, Six Valves, Bendorff and Unitryb, have just bought Victorio & Lucchino. At the moment wants to relaunch the company with two lines: one more economic and other high-end. Six Valves is negotiating with developers so that they continue to be the creative directors of the line of “Haute Couture” arising at the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week.