Vintage Make Up Tips: Lightning-Fast Everyday Make Up

Which girl does not even know this problem? The alarm goes off early in the morning and you curse the new working day. You would cuddle it back in the soft feather pillows and just keep dreaming of a beautiful romance with Elvis or James Dean. Nevertheless, a Lady of world goes make up out of the House reluctant without the perfect vintage 50 s. Sometimes speed is needed for styling, however, especially if it is again too late. We want to show you today a few vintage makeup for everyday use, with which you instantly ready have your 50s make up.

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For your everyday look you take only a very thin layer of light Foundation, which you carry on with a make up brush on your skin, if at all. Then you take care of the eyebrows.You can define your brows with a fine eyebrow pencil and trace a nice round shape.Forget never to comb your Häärchen in the correct direction of growth with a small eyebrow vaults. Diva a dark brown eyeshadow is a nice variation on the more glamorous make up a pin up, which you carry on with a Pinselchen in the corners of your eyes and easily blinded. This eyeshadow is quite suitable for everyday use, since he seems not quite as extreme as the Smokey eyes, black used effect you where instead of dark brown eyeshadow color. Now spread the dark brown eyeshadow under your eyelids and blinded those well with your fingers or a thin brush. Now you take your black eyeliner and draws with a rather fine eyeliner tapering tips of this perfectly sufficient in everyday life and nevertheless ensures sexy cat eyes. The eye make up is so far almost ready: now you must apply seductive top and bottom evenly only your eyelashes with compacting Eyelash mascara like a2zyellowpages suggested. With a hint of Rouge conjures up her you sweet Apple cheeks. Instead of blood-red lipstick, we use a sweet red lip gloss, which subtly emphasizes your lips and makes for a beautiful shine in everyday life. This 50s vintage makeup emphasizes your face optimally and is still not too much, because you want to see also a difference from the Wochenendlook in everyday life. With a little practice and skill you’re done in about 10 minutes with your day make-up and style in the 50s.

This tattooed beauty puts on a subtle and natural make up look in everyday life. Used very little Foundation, as make up base, followed by some concealer, eye rings and edges to hide and to fix some powder to the make up. The cheeks are contoured easily with some bronzer. Brown eyebrow powder she define the brows with a Pinselchen in a beautiful form. This lady prepared both eyelids for the bright eyeshadow with a little primer. For a natural look, taking the best light beige eyeshadow, which subtly emphasizes the eyelids. Now, with a Kohl, she pulls a fine eyeliner, which is a little blinded then. With an eyelash curler, it gives a nice swing their eyelashes. Now it takes up and down to apply only Eyelash thickening mascara, giving a seductive eyelashes the eyelashes. Finally, rimmed her lips with a natural lip liner, E.g. in soft Rosé, this pretty lady and carefully painted out the lips. You can wear this pretty pin up make up wonderfully in everyday life.

We were totally amazed by this great everyday tutorial. The pretty pin up girl shows here step by step how to assemble his perfect everyday haircut, the right wardrobe and the stylish make up at lightning speed. With a beautiful quiff and victory roll in connection with a chic updo with bandana you are the Queen in the everyday life of vintage. If you strongly inking now your lashes with mascara, wear a discreet Foundation and emphasizes the cheeks with something Rouge, you have conjured up already you a perfect base makeup for everyday. Now take your still bright eyeshadow to your eyelids and populates the area under your eyebrows with light highlighter. Your eyes look visually larger and so seductive sexy look. You now draws a beautiful shape for your eyebrows with an eyebrow pencil and emphasizes them as a genuine vintage pin up girl skillfully. With a make up you carry on now Pinselchen in your eyelid wrinkles of dark brown eyeshadow. Now it draws a thin and discreet eyeliner with a black eyeliner. Your pretty make-up and a red long-lasting lipstick is completed. For those who like rather more discreet, can choose a delicate lip gloss or pink lipstick. The everyday wardrobe is great with a College jacket and a sexy knit dress fits perfect in winter from our vintage shop.

If you have very light and sensitive skin, you should absolutely see the tutorial of this attractive Rockabella. Here you can see how her perfect hide small blemishes and you can conjure a pretty everyday make up at lightning speed.

In this beautiful video you can see original photos of different make up looks in a little time travel from the 1950s. The ladies at the time placed very much emphasis on a fine hair styling and perfect make up. This video is a beautiful piece of history.