30 Sep

Vintage Online Shops

A real shopping experience in the on line world! Sarah arranges the most beautiful sales walls, which you can then shop directly virtually empty. Inspiration non stop!

This woman has just found the right valve for her collection, because Sarah Bagner runs a very special kind of on line shop. Whoever has ever said that the virtual shopping experience lacks the real shopping experience, the shop window stroll and the creative composition of individual items To Supermarket Sarah.Because you find there as a kind of mood board, all sorts of finds on her living room wall put together to a big whole. This installation can then be clicked directly and every single part directly packed into the shopping cart. Whether dresses, shoes, accessories, residential decoration or stationery, everything is made with Sarah directly niet- and nagelfest.

When you browse through the individual rooms, you will be inspired and animated, you will be inspired by the hundreds, and suddenly you get caught with a full shopping basket and not only have your own wardrobe a new look, but the living room, the kitchen,…

Ordinary and unusual come together – does not exist. Everything is made fit and almost kills me with his creativity. Every trip on the London vintage markets inspires new images, and the number of walls is growing steadily in their supermarket. So go for a walk!

After completing her studies at the Kunsthochschule, Sarah worked in the advertising industry and later as a stylist. As a passionate vintner, she regularly sold her treasures at the Portobello Market in London and was looking for a suitable way to convey this feeling on line. This is how the idea came to out site – an on line shop of the very special kind, which started in 2009. Every so-called Wall is under a new motto and is decorated like a large sales area. In the meantime, their artworks are turning to real realms again, because Sarah designs shop windows, bars, shops, events and installations for well-known customers such as SelfridgesTom Dixon or Tatty Devine. Young designers also benefit from their concept, as new talents are presented regularly in the supermarket and they are given the opportunity to sell their new collections of vintage stuffs on http://vintageinconfidential.com/.

Some time ago, Sarah went on a journey around the world searching for the most inspiring walls in apartments and put together a book – Wonder walls, Supermarket Sarah’s Guide to Display. With lots of tips and ideas, we simply learn to display our treasures at home vertically on the walls and to believe in our own creativity.


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