Who Deserve to Have The Title to The New Carrie Bradshaw? The Bloggers (And Street Stylers) Compete for The

Of Carrie Bradshaw There is only one, but there are many applicants who opt for a similar title. And it is that since it ended the seasons of the series most watched by the fashion victims of the world entire, trendy celebrity wants more. You want to see impossible outfits carried with much grace and much momentum. You want to see how there are people who dare yet and doesn’t seem fresh out of a children’s Party clown.

And there are people with that ready charm to offer us vacuum that left the most dicharachera freelance of all time. And one of them, and that every day I like most, is the Californian blogger from Song of Style. dare yet, and thus demonstrated in the last New York fashion week. A full volume impossible look, colors and garments of different styles, but in it, they sat phenomenal.

And to demonstrate that it is serious, here I leave one of her countless outfits: this time with long military jacket, jersey /dress in Fuchsia pink and Zara shoes. What do you think?

We continue with the author of Miss Pouty: cute she. Gives a very fragile image of porcelain doll and sometimes gives us looks like this: skirt of tulle, boots of turtleneck with elbow patches and lace.

As there is no two without three, today I can’t spend a day without updating the page of Tuula. Yes I know, but every outfit that gives us is a spectacle. And I imagine Carrie with a tight dress yellow flowers like yours and some still more colorful shoes in electric blue plan or lilac, do not you think?

The street also shouts Carrieeeee!

I would be looking for Hanneli at its Mr.Big in Paris? Who knows, what we can say is that was divine, and that kind of garments are the protagonist of sex in New York would also use day in, day.

Simply perfect is this other outfit where the diversity of fabrics, prints and styles make the result of sumacumlaude.

And to complete this look of Sarah Rutson. What is making the Miss Bradshaw highlighted above all others? The variety of garments and fabrics in a same outfit. Et voila! Hawaiian skirt, denim shirt and shoes and Leopard clutch. ¡Bravo!

Who is is more the title?

Photos | Miss Pouty, Tuula, Song of style, Vanessa Jackman