26 Jun

Women’s Winter Coat XXL

Coats presented a variety of shapes and styles. Take a good model for all figure is not difficult if you look at fashion trends. A real boon to those whose dimensions are far from the model parameters is the trend that this year has evolved significantly. Say the designers and models are very loose cut almost all styles. One of the most successful solutions – it reduces the spirit of the 60s of last century, when free cutting lines combined with sophisticated XXL silhouette. Learn what does XXL mean here.

It complements the full figure they look through the free armhole, lowered shoulder line and wide sleeves.

An important point of elegance models – minimal decor: no volume lapels and pockets – so cleanliness is achieved and lines of the silhouette of laconic grace.

The length of the knee, especially if the model of the division is slightly narrowed, silhouette complement the “cocoon” that seeks to designers. This style is perfect for figures like “apple”, in which the amount of breast volume over the hips.

XXL coats for obese women are very optimistic in the range, which is dominated by pastel shades. The whole range of gray and beige looks great in such a simple and expressive style. Fear of malice in this case is not necessary – silhouette and thin cloth drape well, make an ideal model for the figure of forms.

But if you like closer saturated hues note palette of dark blue, purple and pink. Most impressive are the silhouettes a la 60s look in floral design.

These models not only veiled curved shape, but focus on the creation of slim legs. They combine perfectly with all models of skirts and dresses, and narrowed trousers. In support of the image complement elegant style dress shoes with heels.

Another style, with collections this year that perfectly decorate beautiful shape – trapezoid. This is a great opportunity for those whose parameters correspond to the type figure “pear”, the volume of the hips in this case more than the volume of the chest.

Trapeze area will accent the neckline and free, easy silhouette adds ease and proportionality figure. These XXL models this season are the original yoke and big collars, clamps, which will eventually replace the front cover.

Free adjoining semi silhouette perfectly complements the wide sleeves with expressive sleeves or cuffs. Please note – returned to form raglan sleeve, which blends perfectly with the silhouette of the trapeze. Fashion coat for completion in are presented in length, which barely covers the knee. It can “gather” silhouette and make it more elegant.

The choice of material depends on such models whose style image creation. Classic dresses perfectly with monotonous noble coat with cashmere. And limit yourself with a choice of dark shades should not – soft, lightweight silhouette “trapeze” goes well with modern pastel. Initially look for patterns with patterns, especially good clean silhouette making highlights cell.

In fashion today almost all its forms, from black and white “Pepito” for diverse “box”. Those who want to give a figure harmony note of very small print or large, avoiding pictures of medium size.

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