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Or true to Shakespeare: dress up, or dress up – that is the question.

On November 11, the Carnival or Carnival is heralded. I find it interesting there mainly to observe who slips into the crazy time in what disguise. Some want to be someone they are not. The others want to show at last who they actually are. Some use especially those stylistic, which run counter to their personality. The others use fashionable items that match their inner state of mind, but it is in excess. And that is exactly the reason why you immediately notice that the costumed people are not really yourself.

You mean, this is a pure Carnival phenomenon? Under no circumstances. I see many people who are actually clad in everyday life. They wear not the clothing that fits their personality type , or they make too much of a good. Because it belongs to the authentic style also, to keep the too much and too little a look in an individual, harmonic balance. Finding this balance is not easy. Unfortunately there are no fixed rules à la “To carry no more than 3 pieces of jewelry!”. I very hope that my following “13 dimensions for the too much and too little in the mode” help you to find your own personal style dose.

Ask for it while style rules, but no individual responses are

Many readers ask me questions that are similar to the following:

  • “I can wear even earrings to a striking necklace or is that too much?”
  • “In ruffled blouses I feel somehow disguised. Although I’m still actually romantically inclined . Why is that so?”
  • “I just read, that is a good outfit only from three colors . Jeans blue or a red lipstick also count towards the three colors?”

All these questions are unfortunately not unique to answer. Or at least not unique enough. Simple style and fashion rules do not meet often individual reality.

If I am asked so, for example, as above, that a second, flashy jewelry piece is attached through estaterealest.com, I could answer the rules according to: “You put only an eye-catching focus to avoid the vampire effect.” And then see a photo of Iris Apfel and think to yourself: this woman bears several striking chains and to a mega eccentric glasses, as well as countless bracelets – and it looks great! While Lauren Hutton almost foregone on all accents and – Yes, exactly! -looks also great. What is it? Are such fashion rules just nonsense?

I would say at this point: fashion rules have the target that you’re stylistically wrong never. They should help you to make objectively coherent outfits together. Their own definition of too much or too little but has the goal, you get to fashionable, and develop your very own, inimitable style. Both has its raison d ‘ être.

I try also with many of my fashion tips to pour actually complex, aesthetic contexts in simple rules that everyone can easily apply and get good results. In reality however, you can break each of these rules, if this is just your style. Just as you should also “13 dimensions of too much and too little in fashion” understand. There is no right or wrong. But there’s a “this is me (significantly/somewhat) more than that”. And if you’ve found this out, I can promise you: you’ll never dressed up look.

If you know your personal too much or too little, you are your style on the track.

You know that I passionately outfits analyzinge. I find utterly fascinating to some, others less able to inspire me. But what distinguishes a successful of an unconvincing outfit? Often, it’s up to certain fashionable details, which are used in exactly the right dose. And this dose depends on the personality of the style. Here, I have filtered a total 13 fashionable dimensions out which I often can make for too much or too little. Simply set your individual dose in the following 12 areas and you will come much closer to your style.

Fashion dimension 1: Monochrome or color?

There are women who look simply stunning in monochromatic outfits–as possible even in neutral colors -. And those who really come to the fore when they apparently fell in the paint pot. Only colorful brings to light these personalities. How many colors you can mix in an outfit without having it look like Carnival, is an individual matter. A fashion advice is: with an outfit from a maximum of three colors, where at least a nuance should be neutral, you go to play it safe. This is a formula which can be easily combined and many women – if they just tend not to the extremes.

Fashion dimension 2: Low or high contrast?

How much color contrast for your outfits is optimal depends on your natural pigmentation. There are women who look heavenly in black and white or dark blue cream, others disappear in it. For a flat, delicate ensemble of beige, Grey and light blue might have for these women contrast exactly the right dose, to rekindle the magic of female. You can of course help makeup and a contrast level higher cheat…

Fashion dimension 3: Dark, medium or light?

The low contrast or monochrome fashion woman, you are more likely you can choose in addition, whether you tear down more to dark, medium or light color games. Every woman has their own optimal brightness value – if you don’t already need a stronger color contrast.

Fashion dimension 4: Bright or subdued?

Only a single piece of clothing in a color that of too bright for your style, and can already be seriously disturbed the whole outfit. A too strong color would never steal the show you. A to delicate, powdery or muted color should not hold but also by your grand entrance. Where are you located?

Fashion dimension 5: Plain or patterned?

Every woman has a very individual, optimum dose of pattern. Some can tolerate several patterns in the all-over mix, for the others, already a shoe in Leo look is a real challenge. A fashion recommendation for this is: the majority of women would be well advised if it carries maximum only a single piece of clothing that has a particularly striking pattern. The rest should be kept then as neutral.

Fashion dimension 6: Large or small pattern?

If you are a woman who may well wear pattern that must not apply to all patterns. The colour composition possibilities with regard to colours, brightness or intensity also apply to pattern (see above). In addition, the size of the pattern that you can wear is a dimension that can give you optical advantages. Some women are formally killed by large patterns, others look not particularly beneficial in mini patterns. Also in this case, the correct dose leads to success.

Fashion dimension 7: Straight, curved, bent, winding or organic lines?

The language of lines is an important component of your style. There are women, which would carry never striped clothes, diamonds or a square pocket. For this they flourish, if has been shrouded in flowers on fabrics , tunics with oval-shaped and teardrop-shaped gemstones are occupied or a Brocade of bygone eras is reminiscent of the tapestries. The spectrum ranges from severe, straight lines, softly rounded or curved shapes up to lush, intricate, organic lines. Find your ideal lines, you have come significantly closer your style.

Fashion dimension 8: Quiet, generous or restless and small-scale land?

Some women need peace and clarity on your body. Like under the silent surface of a Lake, you can imagine the depth of personality underneath the fabric. And then there are those women who are the liveliness in person as a source of constantly bubbling. So much movement want to be externally visible. Many moving zones, where the eye can discover enough new create stitching, hand stitches, darts, pockets, folds and ruffles, braids, fringe, shimmering surfaces and ornaments of all kinds. What is more your style mantra: the tip of the iceberg or the fire-breathing volcano?

Fashion dimension 9: Smooth and fine or rough and coarse?

Not only the distribution of the surface, but also their structure can be crucial for your personal style. Some women see in fine, again, others can rough Tweed, charming, smooth surfaces of Bouclé bawdy chunky knit , or wide cord particularly well carry everything, what has a rough, rough surface. You know it because you just somehow “wrong” to look in particular for fine or coarse materials or do not really feel. You might be also a hermaphrodite: then, especially outfits where different structures, are combined from very fine to very coarse, available.

Fashion dimension 10: Angular architectural or soft flowing silhouette?

The appearance of the silhouette of a look is influenced mainly by the fabric choice, the processing technology and the cutting pattern. The resulting external structures that take a life of its own from distant body and body closer gradients. Every woman tends to softer, likely the body silhouettes or to form more stable silhouettes that have an edgy, architectural appearance. When you plug a woman in a to edgy piece of clothing that actually belongs to the “soft-flowing” troupe, now somehow ‘wrong’ looks. And the other way around.

Fashion dimension 11: Few, simple, pure or many, lush, opulent details?

Every single piece of clothing, but also every outfit can either be creatively very simple and puristic held or take Baroque dimensions and consist of a variety of decorative details. Even the number and nature of accessories that you wear an outfit, is one of this dimension. If you count dimension 7 to the quiet Lakes, the probability should be great that you belong to the rather simple women in this fashion dimension. This must be not so. There are women who access in simple, pure, large scale models of your clothes and then styling them by lush multiple chains, huge rings, and a bunch of bangles. Sometimes, the interesting, individual blend of looks lies precisely in this contrast of reduction and excess.

Fashion dimension 12: Chunky or delicate decorative details?

No matter whether you need now only very few or very many decorative details in your look, the execution of such details can either gentle or extremely clunky be – or of course somewhere in the middle. You are the woman for a few details, you could settle for just a chain, which includes but huge beads, beads or silver rings. On the other hand, a woman who stands for decorative variety, could put on very many, very fine chains that overall result in the desired richness. Only a delicate chain meets some women (or even better: none), again others can combine several, huge statement pieces easily with each other. What is that to you?

Fashion dimension 13: More feminine or more androgynous elements?

The mix of feminine and androgynous fashion items is currently more than announced. But that is not all women really well. There are women who can provide a look of exclusively feminine, sexy or romantic elements together, which looks just right. You can wear floral dresses with Ruffles, beaded necklaces and still pumps with bows. For others, such a look would be vastly exaggerated. On the other hand, there are the so called tomboys who could go through as a good mate and feel most comfortable with lace-up pumps, men’s trousers and shirts. Most women are probably somewhere in the middle – with a clear tendency toward one side or the other.

To recognize the own style, you can associate a with every fashion dimension in a 5-digit scale. It’s called science Polaritätenprofil. As it comes to you situate itself between the two extreme poles of each dimension. The extremes are at positions 1 and 5 according to the motto “I am quite clear more so as so”. At positions 2 and 4, you will find a trend according to the motto “I tend more to this than that”. Position 3 is located in the Center and States that for an average between the two poles to suit – or that you can wear both elements in the mix.

Now, I am of course as always curious: you could arrange a clearly in all dimensions?

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