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Belize Travel Package

In Belize you will find some of the world’s most beautiful and best places for snorkeling and diving. Here are also the Mayan ruins of Copan and the exciting Actun Tunichil Muknal (ATM) cave where you wade or swim through a genuine sacrificial site from the heyday of the Maya Indians. It will feel like you have landed several hundred years back in time.



Mayan ruins
Several interesting ruins can be found in the rainforests of Belize. The great Mayan culture has left its mark on every little bush. Hiking tours in the jungle to see these remains are highly recommended. The ruins show how advanced the Mayan culture was in terms of building technology and mathematical solutions for building these temples dedicated to the gods.

Caves and kayaks
For the adventurous, there are a number of challenges to take on. There are a large number of caves that have been used throughout history for various religious purposes. Many of them are located by watercourses and allow you to get around by swimming, wading or even floating with the river on large bathing rings. All of these options are something out of the ordinary.

The Barrier Reef – The Great Blue Hole

It is not only in Australia with GBR that you find fantastic coral reefs. Off the coast of Belize is the longest reef in this part of the world. Diving and snorkeling is a matter of course. If you also get the opportunity to do it with Mantor or sharks, your heart rate rises further. A good distance out on the reef is the famous The Great Blue Hole. Jaques Costeau has been here so why not you too!


Blancaneaux Lodge – A dramatic hideaway in the rainforest

In the early 1980s, Francis Ford visited Coppola Belize. He immediately fell in love with the place and bought the abandoned Blancaneaux Lodge. For more than a decade, the facility was used as a family home, before Francis opened its tropical paradise to the public in 1993. Blancaneaux Lodge is a luxury hideaway with 20 rooms where waterfalls tumble in turquoise pools above the jungle roof. Its secluded mountain location allows guests to explore the Mayan ancient civilization before returning to their own thatched hut, richly decorated with Guatemala artifacts and nestled in the foliage of the Mountain Pine Ridge Reserve.


According to countryaah, Belize is located on the east coast of Central America and is slightly larger in area than Värmland. The country borders Mexico to the north and Guatemala to the west and south. Off the coast of the Caribbean Sea to the east are a number of islands and the western hemisphere’s longest coral reef.


Belize has mostly tropical climate with high temperature and high humidity. In the north it rains from April – May to December and in the south the rainy season is slightly longer.


Yes – tourist visa 30 days is obtained on arrival.


Belize Dollar BZD

100BZD = 442.07SEK


English is the official language: Belizean Creole, Spanish, Caribbean (garífuna) and various Native American languages ​​are also spoken.


Mandatory – Yellow fever vaccine is required if you arrive from certain countries in Africa or South America

Recommended – Malaria prophylaxis may be considered. Contact your vaccination center for personal needs.

Belize – Rainforest, Mayan remains and coral reefs

Short for BZ by abbreviationfinder, Belize is the epicenter of the Mayan culture. Caracol in the middle of the rainforest jungle boasts remains that show how far ahead the Maya Indians were in the development of their community building. In other parts of the country there are caves with rivers that invite to kayaking and big surprises. The offshore coastline is the longest in this part of the world and offers cool encounters with impressive species. The Great Blue Hole is a mysterious sight on the reef.

Belize – 10 days

Day 1 Arrival in Belize and transfer to the hotel inside the rainforest.

Day 2 Xunantunich and San Ignacio
This morning we will explore the Cayo area. You will travel to the impressive Mayan ruins of Xunantunich for a private guided tour. The tour continues to the city of San Ignacio for lunch and time to explore the community before transporting back to the hotel. The evening is free for your own activities.

Day 3 Cave Adventures
Enjoy an adventurous cave or river excursion to see ancient ritual sites where artifacts still remain. Choose between Barton Creek where you paddle at a leisurely pace along the river and into the cave system Xibalba or swim / wade / hike around the Actun Tunichil Muknal (ATM) cave for a more adventurous journey with a surprise at the end! (NOTE physically demanding)

Day 4 Caracol & Mountain Pine Ridge
Travel through the scenic Mountain Pine Ridge National Park on your way to the famous Mayan site of Caracol. Here you get a private guided tour of this impressive place which is the largest Mayan site in Belize. On the way back to the hotel you stop to visit Rio Frio’s caves and pools.

Day 5 Cave Tubing Adventure – Ambergris Cay
After breakfast, the journey continues to Belize City where you will visit the famous Jaguar Paw River for a Cave Tubing. You sit on bathing rings and float with the river into the cave for a very different excursion.
In the afternoon, the flight goes to the island of Ambergris Cay and the village of San Pedro. Transfer to the hotel. Rest of the day free to explore San Pedro and relax on the beach.

Day 6 Snorkeling with Reef Sharks and Mantors – Ambergris Cay – Hol Chan
Take a half day guided tour to Hol Chan and Shark Ray Alley to swim with sharks and rays!

Day 7 and 8 Ambergris Cay
Time at your own disposal to relax on the beach or we can book other adventures for you in advance!

Day 9 Ambergris Cay Check-out and departure
Flight back to the mainland and Belize International Airport well in advance of your flight out.

Day 10 Return trip

Belize 2

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