Brooklyn - New York City

Brooklyn – New York City

Popular place to live on Long Island

According to iamaccepted, Brooklyn is located on the western end of Long Island, in the southeast of metropolitan New York City. Manhattan is north of Brooklyn. From Times Square, Brooklyn is about 25 minutes away. The borough of Queens borders Brooklyn directly to the northeast.

The center of Brooklyn – numerous high-rise office buildings

The size of Brooklyn is 115 kmĀ². About 2.5 million people live in Brooklyn. The borough is the most populous of the New York Boroughs, the boroughs of New York City. Formerly separate, Brooklyn, along with the other boroughs, became a borough of New York City in 1898.

Brooklyn Bridge

The Brooklyn Bridge connects Manhattan and Brooklyn. The Brooklyn Bridge has spanned the East River for over 125 years. The Brooklyn Bridge became known worldwide primarily through numerous television films.

Little Odessa and Dumbo

Amusement parks are located on the Coney Island peninsula in southern Brooklyn. In the vicinity of the amusement parks is the “Aquarium” of New York. Surfers are familiar with the sea and the sandy Brighton Beach in Brooklyn. Brighton Beach is also known as “Little Odessa”. There are probably a lot of Russians there. The district called “Dumbo” between the Brooklyn Bridge and the Manhattan Bridge is hip in Brooklyn. The name Dumbo is an acronym for – Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass -.

Brick houses in Brooklyn with colored bay windows

This part of Brooklyn used to be a purely industrial district with large factory buildings. Today there are galleries, studios and noble apartments for wealthy people in the industrial buildings. Dumbo exudes the cool, urban charm of days gone by.

Park Slope

The historic Park Slope neighborhood of Brooklyn is well worth seeing. The visitor should not miss the Brooklyn district “Park Slope”. There are numerous pubs, cafes and restaurants. The Park Slope area is well suited for partying. Live music can be heard there every day. But there are also quite green areas in the Park Slope.

Prospect Park

Prospect Park is centrally located in Brooklyn. A small zoo is located there, as well as some buildings from the Dutch colonial era. Prospect Park in Brooklyn was designed as a counterpart to Central Park in Manhattan. The park area is used for numerous sporting activities. The most famous area in Prospect Park is Long Meadow.

In the winter you can skate in Prospect Park. Brooklyn Park on the East River is another place in Brooklyn that promises rest and relaxation.

Museums in Brooklyn

The confident borough of Brooklyn is known for its thriving arts scene. The Brooklyn Museum is another highlight. It is located on the Eastern Parkway, right next to the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens. The Brooklyn Museum is ideal for families, as there are many interactive things for children to do in the museum. Next to the Brooklyn Botanical Garden is the worth seeing “Greenwood Cemetery”. Also in Brooklyn is the ” New York Transit Museum “, the museum of the New York subway.

Streetscape in Williamsburg, Brooklyn – behind Williamsburg Bridge

Williamsburg and Brooklyn Heights

The Williamsburg neighborhood of Brooklyn is known for its art galleries, bars, music shows and alternative scene. Beautiful mansions can be discovered in the Brooklyn Heights district. The Jewish Quarter of Brooklyn is located in the Williamsburg – Borough Park area. Brooklyn Heights is more of a neighborhood for affluent New Yorkers. There are beautiful mansions and villas to admire. Expensive stores can be found in Brooklyn Heights.

Brooklyn Bridge in New York City

Numerous victims during the construction period

The Brooklyn Bridge was once designed by the German-born architect John A. Roebling. Unfortunately, many workers lost their lives during the construction of the bridge. The Brooklyn Bridge connects the Manhattan Peninsula to the borough of Brooklyn.

Brooklyn Bridge in New York City at night

Steel suspension bridge

The bridge was completed in 1883. At that time, with a total length of 1,833 meters and a longest span of 485 meters, it was the longest suspension bridge in the world made entirely of steel. The Brooklyn Bridge is well worth seeing because of the Victorian architecture and the Gothic-style pillars. At night, the bridge over the East River, between Brooklyn and Manhattan, is beautifully illuminated.

Historic place

In the mid-20th century, most recently in 2009, the Brooklyn Bridge in New York City underwent extensive renovations. The bridge does not span a normal river, but a tidal estuary.

Pedestrian traffic on the Brooklyn Bridge

Even when the Brooklyn Bridge was being built, special construction measures were necessary to ensure safety. The Brooklyn Bridge in New York City has been one of the USA’s Historic Places since 1977.

Brooklyn - New York City

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