room scents in the winter garden

Decorate the Winter Garden in 3 Great Styles

Decorate the winter garden

Anyone who owns a winter garden can consider themselves lucky! Whether in an old building with a classic look or in a very modern new building, the light-flooded living room extension is a real benefit. Winter gardens are popular as an extension of the living room or as a second living room. Hardly any other room offers so much brightness. The design and usage options are very large. A winter garden is particularly suitable for painting because of the abundant natural daylight. The bright, warm room is also particularly practical for growing exotic plants, overwintering garden plants or growing young plants for the vegetable patch. In this blog article we give tips and suggestions on how you can decorate and design your winter garden!

Tip: Sun protection in summer

During construction, the winter garden is often oriented directly to the south or southwest. This is an absolute advantage in spring, autumn and winter, but in summer it can get too warm due to the full glazing. For example, awnings and roller shutters installed from the outside or awnings and roller blinds installed from the inside can help combat excessive summer heat. You can find advice and offers on sun protection from your conservatory builder, window builder, or awning or roller blind specialist company.

1. Boho decoration in the winter garden

A bit hippie, a bit ethnic, but always laid-back: Boho chic radiates calm and a feeling of airy freedom. This furnishing style appears bright, friendly and cozy and light-footed. It is also often combined with understated Scandinavian style elements as Scandi-Boho. He usually uses a soft color palette. Various shades of white, sand and earth are broken up with small splashes of bolder colors. Patterns with an ethnic look, particularly patterns of Moroccan or Indian origin, are popular elements. Interesting structures and textures in the textile design, structures such as macrame and woven patterns complete the look. Boho-style decor looks particularly great in a bright, sun-filled room like a winter garden!

Home textiles and seating furniture for boho chic decoration

Of course, seating in the winter garden is also necessary. In addition to sofas in suitable colors, rattan chairs and armchairs are also a great idea for boho-chic furnishings. Soft sheepskins are a cozy, fluffy textile accent on armchairs and sofas. Carpets made from natural materials or with beautiful vintage patterns provide comfort and prevent cold feet. If it is possible to hang curtains in your winter garden, use airy, light fabrics for your boho decoration. Wall cloths in a mandala look can possibly hide stylistically unsuitable brickwork on the house wall. Braided hammocks are also a nice idea for a nap in the sun.

Decorate Garden with a Wall Clock

Integrating a wall clock into your garden decor adds charm and functionality. Opt for a weather-resistant clock designed for outdoor use. Select a style that complements your garden’s theme, whether it’s rustic, contemporary, or whimsical. Mount the clock on a sturdy wall or fence where it’s easily visible and protected from direct sunlight and harsh weather elements. Use surrounding greenery or floral arrangements to frame the clock, enhancing its visual appeal. Consider incorporating outdoor lighting to illuminate the clock during evening gatherings. Ensure proper maintenance to preserve its beauty and functionality amidst outdoor conditions, adding a timeless touch to your garden oasis.

Decoration made from natural materials and carpets for more comfort

When decorating in boho chic, it’s best to use natural materials! Home accessories made of rattan, seagrass, or banana leaves are a beautiful feature in the interior, especially when woven. Structure and patterns play an important role in boho style. Incorporate natural materials into the decoration, for example through planters or wall decorations (if there are walls)! Trays, woven baskets and bowls find their place on tables and side tables and are excellent for grouping decorations. You can also find more decoration ideas with natural materials in our article “ Rattan, raffia and co: 9 great furnishing and decoration ideas with natural materials ”.

Floral accents with dried flowers and houseplants

Floral accents are a popular design element in boho chic. Both houseplants and subtle dried flowers such as pampas grass, the fluffy Lagarus, or dried poppy or nigella seed capsules fit very well into a boho-chic decoration concept. Vases are ideal eye-catchers in otherwise reserved color schemes in the room – an exciting structure or a darker, more eye-catching color attracts attention. Houseplants fit into the boho concept, especially in macrame plant holders! Hanging plants in particular, such as spider plants and various types of ferns such as tarantula fern, look great when hung up!

Tip: Window decorations save bird lives – decorated rings and more

Well-cleaned, streak-free windows are pleasing to us humans, but can be fatal for birds because they cannot see the windows. Use some window decorations to prevent accidents with birds flying unchecked towards your winter garden. Anything that can be attached to the window is suitable, it doesn’t always have to be the familiar black bird stickers. Window Color images are not recommended as they are difficult to remove when exposed to sunlight. Options for window decoration include decorated branches with pendants or decorated metal rings that are attached to the window frame. Garlands, hanging plants and decorative stickers are also ways to decorate the windows and thus avoid bird accidents.

2. Maritime decoration in the winter garden

The calls of seagulls, a cool breeze blowing, waves rolling onto the beach – with maritime decorations you can bring memories of your last holiday by the sea into your home! The maritime furnishing style is a legitimately popular classic. From elegant, reserved and Nordic cool, to mysterious as in the “Dark Nautical” style, to the “laid-back” beach feeling, it is actually quite versatile. The typical color palette of the maritime furnishing style includes various shades of blue, up to turquoise, as well as white and sand tones. Accents in red are also popular. When selecting wooden elements, lighter tones and white paint have proven effective as they appear airy and light.

Maritime decoration in the winter garden

You don’t need much to give your seating area a maritime look. You can easily customize an existing sofa or armchair with a few nautical-themed cushions or a color-matching throw. Here you can again rely on different shades of blue, white and sand, preferably in a maritime striped look. As with boho chic, furniture made of rattan goes very well with the maritime interior style. Another option is to go all out and set up a beach chair in the winter garden as seating. A lack of wall space in the winter garden can be easily compensated for with chests of drawers and half-height shelves that do not have to be attached to the wall.

Accessories in a maritime look

A day at the beach is a great thing! Especially after a high tide you can find a lot of things on the beach: driftwood, small crabs, starfish and various exciting shells. How playfully or minimally you use the maritime objects is a question of style: Do you like to stage an object solo, or do you like to set up a small scene straight away? Typical maritime decorations include anchors, shells, fish and everything related to seafaring. Buoys and lighthouses can be placed on the ground and exude maritime charm. Use lanterns with a nautical look to provide light in the evening. You can also create a great maritime DIY decoration with a vase filled with sand and shells.

Tip: Summer too warm? LED candles help!

The beautiful taper candles lean menacingly towards the ground – a hot summer is great, but it also has its disadvantages: the candles melt! It can sometimes get really hot in the winter garden! You can remedy this with LED candles. Now available in many variations such as pillar candles, taper candles, tea lights and the like, they are a durable alternative to conventional wax candles in summer. Another advantage is the lack of fire risk, meaning that LED candles can light up safely even in opulently decorated rooms. Just like conventional wax candles, they offer a great lighting atmosphere; LED candles are now also available with a flickering effect!

3. Urban jungle decoration and globetrotting look in the winter garden

A winter garden is ideal for decoration in the trendy urban jungle look ! Many houseplants thrive particularly well in full sun and this is naturally the case in bright rooms such as the winter garden. Popular classics of the houseplant world such as the yucca palm, dragon tree and money tree also feel at home in bright rooms. Combine different base and color variants of houseplants for exciting color plays in the urban jungle decoration. Small succulents and cacti grouped on a tray offer the opportunity for great arrangements. The greenhouse effect in the winter garden ensures the right temperature for more sensitive garden plants even in winter, making it perfect as a winter quarters for terrace plants such as agave, laurel and the like.

A sea of ​​plants

A sea of ​​plants

At first glance everything is green, but at second glance you can see the different structures and growth forms of the plants. Use shelves, benches or side tables to showcase your houseplants – it’s best to position your green favorites on different levels. Combine sprawling plants like the Monstera (window leaf) with finely feathered indoor palms and exciting climbing plants like the Ivy Tute, the climbing Philodendron, or the whimsical pea plant (Senecio). Using wall brackets for hanging baskets, it is usually possible to hang some plants at least on a house wall. In addition to the climbing plants just mentioned, the spider plant, the coral cactus and the excitingly colored candlestick flower are also suitable as hanging plants. Yucca palms and golden fruit palms are large – they do best on the ground.

Citrus fruits as houseplants

Citrus fruits as houseplants

Admittedly, citrus fruits are classified as bitchy in our German region. Due to their lack of frost hardiness, they cannot be planted in the garden. But orangeries on the grounds of the Palace of Versailles in France were used to grow citrus fruits on European soil centuries ago – a winter garden allows you to grow citrus fruits. In late spring and summer the plants stand outside in the sun, and in autumn they move back into their winter quarters in the winter garden. The world of citrus fruits is large: just as there is not just one type of tomato, there is also a wide variety of different cultivars for limes and the like. Examples include the finger lime or the unusual lemon variety “Buddha’s Hand”.

Matching the urban jungle: the vintage globetrotting look

Like an explorer of new worlds! With a pith helmet through the dense jungle in search of hidden treasures. On the way to an indigenous village to discover an unknown new civilization. Surrounded by exotic plants from foreign climes, accessories with an explorer look and carvings with an ethnic look fit very well into the urban jungle. You can display special dried flowers as an eye-catcher in a glass goblet. Prints of rare butterflies or botanical illustrations from the 19th century also go very well with the urban jungle. Vintage accessories such as magnifying glasses with brass frames, yellowed world maps, a vintage globe, or an old compass fit fantastically into the globetrotting look as decoration! With an indoor fountain you can create a great background noise.

Tip: room scents in the winter garden

Unheated winter gardens, like greenhouses, often tend to have high humidity. That’s why it’s particularly important to ventilate the winter garden sufficiently often. Dehumidifiers also help to create a pleasant indoor climate. To establish a lasting pleasant smell in the winter garden, scents such as room fragrances as a diffuser or potpourri are also a good idea. In a warm, humid weather period, an incense stick is also suitable, and if it is not summer, a scented candle is also suitable.

room scents in the winter garden

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