Attractions in Dubrovnik, Croatia

Entertainment and Attractions in Dubrovnik, Croatia

According to, Dubrovnik is a Croatian jewelry box: the beauty of its sights is breathtaking. The architectural masterpieces of the glorious past, perfectly fitting into the no less glorious present, are concentrated in the Old City. To begin with, it is worth examining them from a height: the fortress walls, erected in the 10th century, are excellently preserved and stretch for almost 2000 m. The ensemble includes the majestic tower of Minceta, the bastion of St. John, the fortresses of Bokar and Ravelin, which have protected the city from invaders for centuries.

The fortress of Lovrijenac stands apart – a white stone block towering above the sea.

From defensive architecture to secular. One of the most monumental buildings in Dubrovnik is the Prince’s Palace, built in the 15th century. Its façade is laconic, in the Gothic style with Renaissance elements, reminiscent of the residences of the Roman emperors. Once upon a time, local rulers lived here, and today there is a museum with antique furniture and paintings. The main religious building is the Cathedral of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary with a polyptych by Titian. No less impressive is the Baroque Cathedral of St. Blaise, which flaunts on Lodge Square.

The central Dubrovnik artery is Stradun Street, framed at both ends by spectacular fountains. It is here, at the gates of Pila, that the Franciscan monastery of the 14th century is located, destroyed by an earthquake and completely rebuilt three centuries later. The excursion program should also include the island of Lokrum, covered with legends, surrounded by beaches and given to the full disposal of… majestic peacocks.

8 things to do in Dubrovnik

  1. Enjoy the incredible panorama from the fortress wall.
  2. Send photos from Copacobana beach to your friends, without specifying whether it is Croatia or Brazil.
  3. Join the general fun on Vlas’ev Day or watch the colorful procession from the window of a cafe on Stradun.
  4. Buy anti-aging creams in the old pharmacy at the Franciscan monastery.
  5. Taste oysters and eels from nearby waters. And be sure to wash them down with homemade brandy.
  6. Make a wish, unceremoniously sitting on your knees to Marin Drzhich (fortunately, they are bronze: a monument to the Renaissance poet is installed at the entrance to the theater named after him).
  7. Climbing the picturesque Srd mountain by funicular takes 4 minutes, but what a pleasure!
  8. Feed the royal peacocks, the only inhabitants of Lokrum Island

Dubrovnik for children

If the kids get bored of relaxing on the beach, Dubrovnik will offer them other entertainment as well. One of the most interesting is the aquarium, located not just anywhere, but right in the fortress of St. John. In 30 large tanks, the most impressive representatives of the flora and fauna of the Adriatic Sea are collected: eels, hedgehogs, wrasses, turtles, moray eels, octopuses, crabs and countless fish swim surrounded by corals, shells and sea anemones. Next door is the Maritime Museum (off. site in English) with 4,000 exhibits: guns, ship models, navigational instruments, old flags and maps.

In the vicinity of the resort there is a huge adrenaline park Sveta Ana with attractions for daredevils of all ages. Here you can go through an obstacle course, ride a horse or an ATV, take part in a knightly battle, jump on a trampoline, shoot a bow or play paintball – you definitely won’t be bored. And in the Honey Valley park on the slope of Mount Srd, guests are introduced to the secrets of farming, introduced to friendly animals, fed with organic products and ride a pony.

  • What activities for children are there in Dubrovnik


Mild Mediterranean climate and over 250 sunny days a year: what could be better for a beach holiday? The swimming season lasts from May to October. It is warm in autumn and spring, but rainy, the coldest is in January and February, although it does not come to real frosts. The hottest months are July and August, the mildest weather is in May and September.

Holidays and events

The most spectacular holiday in Dubrovnik is St. Blaise’s Day, celebrated on February 3 for more than a thousand years. According to the legend, St. Blaise once appeared to a local monk named Stoiko and warned of an impending attack by the Venetians. He instantly conveyed the message to the Senate, and the city was properly prepared for defense: the enemy retreated, and the heavenly intercessor was named the patron of Dubrovnik. Since then, they have had fun in his honor: they release doves into the clouds, symbolizing peace and freedom, hoist a banner on the Orlando column and arrange magnificent processions on Stradun Street.

All sorts of festivals take place in Dubrovnik every now and then. The most famous is the Summer one with concerts, exhibitions and theatrical performances in the Old Town: medieval streets are the perfect backdrop for plays by Shakespeare, Molière and Goldoni. In May, a film festival is held, and in the fall, a gastronomic marathon with the eloquent name “Good Food”: themed dinners and tastings for gourmets and hedonists.

Attractions in Dubrovnik, Croatia

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