Men’s Fashion, Stripped of Hermoso Compadre

Two common errors that affect the majority of men when the subject is dressing well: the first is to believe that for this it is necessary to spend a lot of money, the second is to invest only in parts too formal, when in fact a man well dress just needs good taste and know where to buy the right clothes.

Men’s Fashion, Stripped of Hermoso Compadre

A brand that reflects this concept is the Hermoso Compadre, whose product line focuses on items simple and comfortable, but that squander style in a relaxed atmosphere, something that can be seen in the own virtual store of the brand where even the descriptions of the parts is witty, playing with elements of the male universe all the time.

One of the highlights of the brand is the line of t-shirts. Cotton flamê, merge, or fabric hybrid with polyester, betting on prints with a retro touch, a few colors and striking design, they are great in looks relax with shorts for a walk in the afternoon, but also make a visual more sophisticated, adding jeans and blazer lightweight for a meeting with friends in a pub or a night in the club.

Another line of Hermoso Compadre that pleases me very much is the shoes, with running shoes, light and modern, ideal for compositions casual more cool, it is worth including, mentioning the good use of textures and graphics to give a more sophisticated feel to the classic sneakers.

In addition to covering the basics, the brand also has developed a line of accessories that includes wallets, belts, ties, hats and scarves for those who know that the add-ons are essential for those who do not neglect the picture. In the list appears up to a beer “Weiss” developed in partnership with the microbrewery Lünen.

As I said at the beginning of the text, believing that it is necessary to spend a lot to dress well is a mistake, after all, a t-shirt Hermoso Compadre costs, on average, R$69,00, and the shoes do not exceed R$199,00, values that I consider to be extremely affordable!

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