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Short for OM by abbreviationfinder, Oman is known for its impressive natural sites.

There are no direct flights to Finland from Oman. It is possible to travel to the capital Muscat with one stopover. Travel time on a single stopover is a minimum of nine hours to twelve hours. Flight prices are typically at their lowest around 500 euros.

The fastest routes are offered, for example, by Turkish Airlines via Istanbul and in the future by Qatar Airways via Doha.

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If you plan to tour around Oman or just pop into the country, one notable option is to take a direct flight to Dubai and continue your journey from there by rental car. However, the car must have insurance in both countries, and not all rental companies may offer this. It is therefore advisable to clear the patterns carefully before traveling.

Accommodation is expensive, eating is cheap

The price level in Oman is quite high. The supply of accommodation outside the Helsinki metropolitan area is rather limited. Even the most modest hotel night in Muscat costs the cheapest price of 50 euros per night. Especially for the budget traveler, Oman is a challenging destination, as the hostel offer in particular is really limited.

However, it is possible to find some affordable individual hosts in Oman, for example through Airbnb.

Some hotels may require couples to provide proof of marriage, or else they will not be able to stay in the same room. The practice has its roots in a culture where premarital relationships are not allowed.

Perhaps surprisingly, camping is possible almost anywhere outside the cities. According to countryaah, Oman is a country located in western Asia.

Eating in Oman, on the other hand, is advantageous. The cheapest price for a restaurant meal is about five euros.

Rent a car and go for a tour

The best way to get around Oman is by self-driving, as public transport is virtually non-existent and focuses only on larger cities. Of course, getting around the cities is also possible on foot and by taxi.

A problematic feature for pedestrians in Oman is the non-existent walkways in some places. Locals walking along highways should be modeled judiciously, even though local motorists are accustomed to pedestrians in surprising places.

In Oman, especially the main roads are mostly in excellent condition. The majority of longer distances can be driven along the highway, and the car does not have to be large. However, obtaining an all-wheel drive may be advisable if you intend to explore the country from outside the main roads. Also, a road that looks good on the map may not actually be.

The traffic culture differs considerably from the Finnish one. The driver should keep in mind that it is possible to pass firmly from any side and no direction signs are used. Even local pedestrians who bravely cross motorways can, at least at first, look wild to the Finnish eye.

In traffic, however, it is easy to do so, as long as one does not adhere too strictly to one’s own driving rights. As in other oil-rich Arab countries, the largest and most efficient driver in Oman should be allowed to go first if the situation becomes too distressing. After all, traffic in Oman is really flexible and smooth, as long as you get on the rhythm yourself.

There are even bad traffic jams in Muscat at times, but otherwise the traffic is very quiet in some places. Especially outside the metropolitan area and the north coast, you can get to ride on almost empty motorways.

Fuel is really cheap, up to five times cheaper than in Finland.

If you are driving to Oman from the United Arab Emirates, you should make sure that the car is insured in both countries. Also, not all border crossing points are open to non-GCC nationals. However, car rental companies will be happy to guide the tourist more on these issues.

Holders of a Finnish passport receive a visa at the Oman border. A Finnish driving license is also valid in Oman. However, major changes in border formalities can take place in the Middle East, even in the short term, so it is advisable to always check the latest situation before traveling.

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