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Places to Visit in Vancouver, Canada

The city of Vancouver is located in western Canada, in the province of British Columbia. Vancouver is known for its high quality of life and the relatively mild climate by Canadian standards. Vancouver is a major attraction for tourists visiting Canada. When traveling from west to east Canada or vice versa, Vancouver is almost always the start or end point. It is striking that, despite the distance, the city also has to deal with an increasing popularity as a city trip destination. Most of the sights can be found in Downtown Vancouver. This is also the place where most tourists stay. Downtown Vancouver is lively without being too crowded and is largely surrounded by water.

Top 10 Vancouver Attractions

#1. Capilano Suspension Bridge
This bridge can probably call itself the most beautiful attraction in Vancouver. The Capilano Suspension Bridge is a 136 meter long wooden suspension bridge over the Capilano River. The view over the overwhelming nature is phenomenal. Next to the walkway is the Capilano River Regional Park. This park has even more bridges, including some that cross the rock formations of Capilano Canyon. With various guided walks you will pass a totem pole park, you can climb tree houses, you can feed fish and children can discover the rainforest.

#2. Gastown
According to bridgat, Vancouver’s Old Historic Town is named after the sailor ‘Cassy Jack Deighton’ who first arrived there in 1867. It soon became a trading center and this meant that the district flourished as the center of the city. Once again the city is ‘hip and happening’. Many cozy restaurants and other catering establishments have taken place in the district that is nowadays very popular with architects, artists, actors, and new media companies. As a landmark, the old steam clock on the corner of Cambie and Water Street still tops the list. Shop lovers will also get their money’s worth. The district has many nice boutiques and a large shopping center called ‘The Landing Mall’.

#3. Stanley Park
This beautiful piece of nature reserve has been bombed as a city park since 1888. This park is visited by about eight million visitors every year. Many Vancouver residents use the park not just to rest, but to play sports on the surrounding trail called “False Creek Seawall.” The Vancouver Aquarium is located in this park. There are also sports fields, lakes, swimming pools, beaches, statues, totem poles and various places for picnics. To give you an idea of ​​how big this park is, we can report that it is another 10% larger than New York’s Central Park.

#4. Granville Island
This peninsula is home to Vancouver’s largest public market and is home to a number of shops and stalls selling mostly handmade items and artistic trades. Many local products are sold here. There are dozens of stalls for culinary delicacies alone. Of course, other products are also available on this market, such as clothing, household items and other knick knacks.

#5. Chinatown
Along with those of New York and San Francisco, Vancouver’s Chinatown is one of the largest in North America. It actually covers the entire area between Gore Avenue and Abbott Street, the most important of which are Pender and Keefer Street. The fact that Vancouver has a high number of Asian residents is apparent from the amount of mixed couples and the many lovers of Sushi and Thai cuisine. This is therefore offered in many ways, especially in Chinatown. It is well worth visiting the ‘Dr Sun Yat-Sen Classical Chinese Garden’ on Carrall Street.

#6. Whale watching
Canada lends itself perfectly to a whale watching tour. Particularly in the Strait of Georgia, which is next to Vancouver. As many as three whale families come to this area every year to fill themselves with delicious salmon, which are on their way to the Fraser River for mating. It is also possible to take a historical nature tour or book a sea lion tour.

#7. Museums
The city of Vancouver has a number of excellent museums, some of which we will mention. First up is the Vancouver Art Gallery. With a permanent collection of more than 10,000 mainly contemporary art objects, this museum is one of the largest in Canada. Various collections of art are exhibited on almost 40,000 square meters. The Vancouver Maritime Museum offers something completely different. This maritime museum tells you all about the history of the Pacific Coast. The showpiece is the historic ship ‘St. Roch’ which is partially accessible. Finally, the Anthropological Museum. This museum offers a special opportunity to explore various architectural beauties and art from different cultures.

#8. Vancouver Aquarium
In the beautiful city park ‘Stanley Park’ is a large sea aquarium. White dolphins, orcas, sharks, walruses and seals swim here. There are different shows to see or to feed animals daily.

#9. Robson Street
Want to go shopping in Vancouver? The main shopping street of the city is Robson Street. This wide shopping street runs right through Downtown Vancouver. Unfortunately, the street is not car-free, but that does not detract from the shopping pleasure. Granville Street, which is located at right angles to Robson, also offers a number of nice shops.

#10. Seaplane
In a 35-minute seaplane crossing you have an amazing view over the city and its islands. From the port of Vancouver you will take a seaplane to the beautiful city of Victoria. You have the whole day to enjoy yourself in this historic yet vibrant city. For example, at the end of the day you take the ferry back.

Vancouver, Canada

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