Renner Shows Preview of Its Spring/Summer Collection 2013–2014

The preview of the Renner held shortly before the release of the first pieces of her new collection to reach the shops is a great way to advance some of the trends that will be seen in the majority of the showcases of Brazil, after all, a large part of the brands drink at the same source. Do not think that we should be guided only by these trends, because our style does not depend only on them, but this first look into the products ahead are extremely useful to plan the purchases of the next few months.

Renner Shows Preview of Its Spring Summer Collection 2013–2014

The spring/summer collection 2013-2014 of Renner brought as inspiration the three themes: the summer travel, galaxies and the world of the young. These themes appear in subtle details, such as small prints or even large images in silk screem of t-shirts and shirts.

The colors are blue, green, and vibrant orange applied in pieces with themes such as nautical. For high summer the pink and green pastel keeps the shades of seasons past, on the other hand the clothes the more urban there are variations of blue making a contrast with the yellow. For the young the colours are more vibrant, with pink, turquoise, coral, plus black, grays and shades washed out.

A highlight in the men’s clothes are the prints that recall the patterns present in neckties such as paisley, already seen in previous collections and icons of repetition applied, mainly, in shirts and breeches. Elements of tropical, photos, foliage, and even the traditional poás appear each one of the style in which the most fit, from the urban to the resort. The horizontal stripes continue marking its presence, but here, it divides attention with the effect so this option, inserted in the colors or textures.

Another success of summers past that seems to keep in high is the flamê, the fabric is raw material for various t-shirts from Renner. It is also worth to mention the mesh indigo, the botonê and the jeans with washes clear full of wear and effects.

The pieces of a half-station, which include blazers, knitted jackets elanca, leather fake, or jeans, ideal for protecting those days of time indefinite, when you can’t rely on the thermometer.

The proposal of the brand to men’s shoes includes docksides mono and bicolor, pair of boots, medium, shoes patterned canvas washed leather and the traditional brogues in suede and colors ranging from traditional brown to a cool yellow.