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Shopping and Eating in San Marino

Shopping in San Marino

According to wholevehicles, San Marino is a duty-free zone, so prices here are much lower than in Italy and other European countries. Two discount stores selling past season collections and two shopping centers Atlante and Azzurro, as well as hundreds of colorful showcases, are located throughout the state. It is best to buy clothes, shoes, perfumes, cosmetics, electronic devices, musical instruments here. Read more: shopping in San Marino.

For luxury from the fresh collections of Fendi, Dolce & Gabbana, Gucci or Prada, it is wiser to hunt in Milan, Rome or Florence. San Marino is an oasis of quality Italian and European mass market. Discounts in outlet stores (30-70% on past collections of famous brands) are valid all year round, but it is most profitable to shop during the January and July sales: the already “sweet” prices are reduced by another 30-50%. It’s just that the sizes are tense: the most running ones are dismantled in a matter of days.

Two fur factories are based in San Marino, selling stylish, high-quality and relatively inexpensive fur coats: about 1000 EUR for mink luxury.

It is impossible not to bring a pair of sunglasses from the sun-drenched republic: specialized stores are open almost on every corner. No less popular souvenirs are pottery, handicrafts of local artisans, handmade jewelry. Leather accessories (belts, wallets and bags), Sanmarine and Italian wines are also in demand. The best choice of memorabilia is on the street that connects Freedom Square with the Guaita Tower. In the central square of Borgo Maggiore, a farmer’s market with the freshest products is organized on Tuesdays.

Branded outlets can be found in discount outlets, San Marino Factory Outlet in Rovereta and Queen Outlet in Dogana (both in Serravalle commune).

Other popular shopping malls:

  • San Marino Factory Outlet on st. Via Strada dei Censiti in Rovereta.
  • Queen Outlet on st. Via Tre Settembre, 3 in Serravalle.
  • Atlante Shopping Center on st. Via Tre Settembre, 17 in Dogana.
  • Azzurro Shopping Center on st. Via M. Moretti, 23 in Serravale.
  • Electronics Shopping Center on the street. Via Cinque Febbraio, 196 in Serravale.
  • Marino Baldacci Musical Instruments (Atlante Commercial Center) on st. Via Tre Settembre, 17 in Dogana.

Large shopping centers are open from 9:00 to 19:30-20:00 without breaks. The rest of the shops are closed for a siesta from 14:00 to 15:30-16:00, and on hot August days they work on a reduced schedule.

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Cuisine and restaurants of San Marino

San Marino has a strong influence of Italian cuisine. It is worth trying the Italian piadina, as well as polenta, which is made on the basis of corn puree and served with sausages, tomato sauce and grated Pecorino cheese. The most popular pasta dish is Strozzapreti with mint sauce and grated cheese. The recipe for this pasta, as well as ravioli, tagliatelle and dumplings, has remained unchanged for a long time. During the winter months, a bean dish with roasted pork is considered a traditional dish. National sweets of San Marino are La Pagnotta, a sweet bread with raisins and aniseed vodka, prepared during Easter, and Il Bustrengo with croutons or corn flakes.

In San Marino, there is an incredible variety of restaurants for every budget and taste: from democratic cafes, coffee shops and pizzerias to panoramic restaurants with a gorgeous view of the surroundings. Almost everywhere they serve Italian cuisine, with the exception of a few Asian eateries and American-style food courts in shopping centers. Many establishments have a special “tourist menu”: salad, hot, dessert and drink, and for all this splendor they ask about 10-15 EUR. A snack in fast food costs 5-10 EUR, dinner in a good restaurant – from 40 EUR per person.

On the fertile soil of Monte Titano, olives are grown, from which the oil is pressed and then bottled. And the community of beekeepers produces a wide range of acacia and chestnut honey. Other local products are Titano and Tre Monti cakes, as well as local liqueurs such as Tilus with a bitter truffle flavor or Duca di Guelfo.

Eating in San Marino

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