Taiwan Fast Facts

Taiwan Fast Facts

Taiwan is an island country about 160 kilometers off the southeast coast of mainland China in the Pacific Ocean. Neighboring countries include Korea and Japan to the north, China to the west and the Philippines to the south. Located in a seismically active area, the island is an exciting and popular travel destination in Asia. See Andyeducation for education in Taiwan.

Capital City Taipei
Size 36,179 km²
Resident 23,574,274
Official Language Standard Chinese as well as Minnan, Taiwanese, Hakka and others
Currency New Taiwan Dollar
Time Zone UTC+8
Telephone Area Code +886

Fast facts to know

  • The Portuguese once called the main island “Ilha Formaosa”, i.e. the beautiful island.
  • The Easycard can be used to pay in Taiwan.
  • The Internet is very well developed in Taiwan and freely available at high speed almost everywhere.
  • Taiwan’s official name is Republic of China.
  • In addition to the main island, around 70 other smaller islands belong to Taiwan.
  • The medical care corresponds to the European standard.
  • There are no vaccinations required, but tetanus, diphtheria, polio and hepatitis A are recommended.
  • Entry is possible without a visa for up to 30 days with a valid passport.
  • Never place your chopsticks vertically in the bowl – this is reminiscent of funerals.
  • Taipei is one of the safest cities in the world.
  • Tipping is not very common in Taiwan.
  • Taiwanese love Hello Kitty.
  • Taiwanese food is extremely healthy and delicious.
  • Many Taiwanese give themselves a Western name to demonstrate open-mindedness.
  • Garbage trucks usually play nice music while picking up the garbage.

Exciting cities in Taiwan

  • Taipei
  • Tainan
  • Lukang
  • Jiufen
  • kaohsiung

History of Taiwan

  • Early contacts with the Chinese Empire.
  • 1624 partly occupied by Dutch sailors.
  • 1662 End of Dutch colonial rule and founding of the Kingdom of Tungning.
  • 1682 Submission to control of mainland China.
  • 1886 Taiwan is spun off from Fujian Province and formally granted Chinese province status.
  • 1895-1945 colonial rule under Japan.
  • 1945 returned to the Republic of China.
  • After the civil war on the mainland, the communists establish the People’s Republic of China, while the Kuomintang retreat to the island of Taiwan.
  • 1971 Taiwan loses international recognition as a sovereign state to the People’s Republic of China following a UN resolution. Since then, the People’s Republic of China has regarded Taiwan as a breakaway province.
  • 1979 US declares support for Taiwan against any military violence by China.
  • Democratization beginning in 1980.

Climate & travel weather in Taiwan

  • Subtropical north with mild winters and warm summers.
  • Tropical South with warm winters and hot summers.
  • Mountains with a temperate climate.
  • Monsoon:
    • Dry season: Nov – Jan
    • Rainy season: Feb – Oct
    • More humid in the north than in the south.
  • Typhoons: May – Oct.
  • Recommended travel time:
    • March – May & Sep – Nov

Ideas for excursions in Taiwan

  • Hike Elephant Mountain in Taipei.
  • Pagoda Ci-En.
  • Cable car ride to Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village.
  • Raise the Sky Lantern in Pingxi Village.
  • Visit offshore Penghu Islands.
  • Cijin Island.
  • 4 Rainbow Bridges.
  • broken bridge
  • National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts.
  • Ao Feng Hill Park in Taichung.
  • Sky Garden Taichung National Theater.
  • Baguashan Skywalk.
  • Dragon and Tiger Pagoda.
  • Longshan Temple.
  • Foguangshan Buddhist Monastery.
  • Fuguang Temple.
  • Train ride across the country.
  • Fulong Beach.

Food & Drink in Taiwan

  • Diverse ethnic influences such as Han (Hoklo, Hakka and other groups), Austronesian, Taiwanese and Japanese cuisines.
  • Pork, rice, soybeans are commonly used ingredients
  • Diverse processing of seafood and fish.
  • Large variety of fruits such as papayas, melons and citrus plants.
  • Eating snake meat is considered very potent in Taiwan and is therefore very popular.
  • Typical ingredients: soy sauce, rice wine, sesame oil, douchi, peanuts, chili pepper, parsley, basil.
  • Taiwanese food is among the best cuisines in the world.
  • The original flavor of the ingredients is paramount, ingredients must be very fresh.
  • Food stalls can be found almost everywhere, street food stalls and night markets are widespread.
  • The national drink is oolong tea.
  • The so-called bubble tea is a cult drink.
  • Matcha tea is also very popular.
  • Typical dishes:
    • Yóuyú geng (thickened soup with cuttlefish wrapped in fish paste).
    • Càipúluan (dish with breast and egg).
    • Guaziròu (boiled pork patties with pickles).
    • Kézaijian (oyster omelet made with eggs, oysters and chrysanthemum leaves).
    • Wumigao or Heimigao (dish made from pig’s blood and rice).
    • Luròu fàn (diced, fatty minced meat, cooked in soy sauce and served on rice).
    • Kézai Miànxiàn (thickened soup with small oysters and Taiwanese vermicelli).
    • Sanbeiji (chicken).

Particularly scenic

  • Sun Moon Lake
  • Kenting National Park
  • Chihpen Hot Springs
  • Taroko National Park
  • Chingshui Cliffs
  • Yehliu National Park
  • Scenic Area on the East Coast

Taiwan Fast Facts

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