Taking the Tips of the Channel Male-to-Real-World

Conjecture about men’s fashion is not work easier, but at some point the reader must wonder if all that is shown here really make it part of the daily life of someone. Very well, this post is to prove that this will only not happen if the subject does not want to, because the tips we give you, remains to you to seek the acquis that has to do with your style.

Taking the Tips of the Channel Male-to-Real-World

Calm, we will explain in detail…

Once a month I and Barbara parted ways 3 days to set up the digital magazine of the Outlet Premium São Paulo, in the period we were in charge of choosing the parts the most cool with the best discounts and that will attract the public to the 90 stores off price of the project, but this only takes us a third of the time, in the two days remaining we are dedicated to the production of fashion, that is, to create the looks of the editorial of the month, choosing clothes and putting the combinations in a day, for shooting at the other, which is a little more complicated because everything has to have a good price, to be beautiful, to serve in the model and still fit in our ideas, therefore, it is common to separate a lot of pieces and we only use 1/4 of them, and it is during this time that much of what we indicate here just getting in on the action, here are some examples:


Case 1 – Using tools for creating looks online

Remember when I spoke of Polyvore and Fashion.me in this post here, because then, we needed to assemble a casual look for a hot day and very relaxed, this was the inspiration:

To find out exactly what was used in Fashion.I was as well difficult, but with a little effort the result was very close, in fact I even thought best!

Case 2 – Pieces to dress well in autumn

Did this article talking about 10 pieces great for fall because they are not very heavy, but they protect well when it hits the one chill of the end of the day, among them quoted separately a cardigan in fine, a neckerchief or scarf as well and a lightweight pants cargo flat twill and, for incredible that it seems, you can find it all in this outfit that aims to show exactly one option of clothing to ride in a late afternoon in autumn:

Case 3 – light Jacket or to cut the wind for half a season

We’ve covered many times the importance of having a model as well nice light jacket to face up to even the rainy days without losing the elegance in the work and, as there was the need to mount a look for the stop, but that did not need to be formal, we opted for this piece, see the result:

The cool thing here is that the visual was suitable for the job, but at the same time versatile, just as we had suggested on several posts where there was the presence of parts casual and formal, something that will be repeated in the following case…


Case 4 – Look for the ballad blending casual wear with formal wear/party

Here the inspiration came from all the places, the photos published on our tumblr, tips mix of parts, and even this is the look that we’ve put together on Polyvore:

This combination was a key piece hard to find, we were almost giving up when we find the smoking jacket at the outlet of the Giorgio Armani, the last store on the list! The result was so:

With the exception of a small change in the hue of the pants, the rest of the costume was identical to the one created earlier, with highlight to the jacket that has a lightweight fabric and extremely soft to the touch, besides the fact of being cropped (just a little bit shorter than the traditional) which ended up leaving the look even more cool, but without losing the party atmosphere.

I think these examples are sufficient to show that there are clothes available within the profile that is suggested in the Channel Male in the vast majority of our posts and that with a little effort any one can give a up in appearance.


Technical data sheet of this work:

Photographic production – Workshop of Photo
Production Fashion – Barbara Duarte and Ricardo Terrazo Junior
Models – Thiago Perfetti and Megan Graf


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