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Tanzania Katavi and Mahale

With Trackers, you get to experience this magnificent country in a way that no other organizer in Sweden can offer today. Katavi and Mahale offer our guests unique safaris where we use small exclusive lodges of the highest standard that are located with only one purpose, to offer guests a maximum experience of nature and wildlife. Abbreviated as TZ by abbreviationfinder, Tanzania is a country located in eastern Africa defined by countryaah.

The parks are located far away and isolated, which means that you get to experience a greater concentration of game than in any other park in Tanzania with, for example, buffalo herds of nearly 3000 animals (including many predators) and large numbers of hippos and the world’s largest known population of chimpanzees.

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Katavi and Mahale – 10 days

Day 1 Departure

Day flight to Arusha with late evening arrival. Transfer to your hotel.

Search for hotels in Arusha Hotel, Arusha (no meals)

Day 2 Arusha – Katavi

Early departure by flight from Arusha to Katavi, about three hours flight. Katavi is probably one of Africa’s best kept secrets. The park is said to have the largest population of game of all parks in Africa. On arrival you will be met by your safari guide who will take you to your camp. The journey goes over open grasslands and forest areas and as always the journey must take the time it takes depending on what you see along the way. You arrive in time for lunch and in the afternoon you go on another safari. Chada Katavi Camp is located on a rocky ledge that rises from the miomombo forest land and has a magnificent view of Chada’s grassland. The shade of the surrounding trees offers a pleasant shade that is used by both the camp’s guests and the animals in the area, which often provides world – class game viewing without leaving the camp. In addition, safaris are offered on foot along with armed guides.

Camp: Chada Katavi, Katavi (full board including drinks)

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Day 3, 4 Katavi National Park

Katavi is truly one of Africa’s last real wildernesses and large numbers of game thrive here. The large numbers of game and the great species richness are probably unsurpassed on the entire continent. Among experienced safari travelers, it is recognized that a visit here is one of the highlights of African adventures. For three full days you explore the park with your guides. Choose between traditional safaris by car or on foot. One of the nights there is also the opportunity to do a so-called “fly camping” where you spend the night in the open air.

Camp: Chada Katavi, Katavi (full board including drinks)

Day 5 Katavi National Park – Mahale National Park

In the morning you continue with a flight to the Mahale mountains. You land just outside the national park border and continue by boat across Lake Tanganyika to your camp. In the afternoon you take it easy on the beach, enjoy the sun and maybe try snorkeling. With its location on a chalk-white beach on Lake Tanganyika and protected by the dense forests of the Mahale Mountains, Greystoke Mahale is a haven from everyday stress. The lodge is not only the world’s best for Chimpanzee visits but also one of Africa’s best sun and swimming destinations with very good swimming, snorkeling, sailing and fishing. There is room for a maximum of twelve guests at the same time and the staff ensures that food and drink are of the absolute highest class despite the isolated location.

Camp: Greystoke Mahale Camp, Mahale (full board including drinks)

Day 6, 7, 8 Mahale National Park

Apart from the fact that the Mahale Mountains are the best place in Africa to see chimpanzees in the wild, they are fantastically beautifully situated on the golden shores of Lake Tanganyika with crystal clear cooling waters that invite you to take a nice dip. There are no roads to or within Mahale, which means that the only way to get here is by boat from the small airfield just outside the park and that all safaris take place on foot in the mountains. To be able to enjoy the visits to the chimpanzees, it is recommended to have some fitness. The Mahale has a total chimpanzee population of over 1,000 individuals. Group M is the family that we as guests have the opportunity to visit and consists of about 60 individuals.

Camp: Greystoke Mahale Camp, Mahale (full board including drinks)

Day 9, 10 Mahale National Park – Arusha / return trip

Return flight to Arusha in the afternoon. In the evenings you start your journey home to Sweden.

Katavi and Mahale

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