The Difference Is That the Beard (or Lack Thereof) Makes

You may have seen photos of Justin O’shea on Pinterest, Tumblr, Facebook or even here on the Canal the Male, the newcomer stamped in the fashion weeks of the northern hemisphere, he currently serves as the director of purchasing, e-commerce and is a household name in Europe and the United States for its elegant style, sober and slightly retro, but his trademark even is your classic and very well-groomed beard, or was, since recently, O’shea decided to scrape it and the change was amazing! See in the video below (in English) published by GQ american.

The Difference Is That the Beard (or Lack Thereof) Makes

[vsw id=”3hfNsQiLeL0″ source=”youtube” width=”570″ height=”390″ autoplay=”no”]

See the comparison in this photo.

It is amazing how a simple detail like this can change reasonably the features of a person! It’s no wonder that a lot of people refuses to take the beard, stating that it will be with a baby face. I don’t think that was the case here, he lost the air austere, but it was with a countenance more likable in my humble opinion and I’m not entering in the merit if it is better or worse.

On the other hand this old photo of the model Christian Goran, better known in brazil for having starred in the commercial of website Trivago, makes us think that he had made the right choice when I opted for visual barbado current.

In a world where the man seems to have discovered the vanity, the beard and the hair are two resources for finding a striking visual and differentiated, the problem is when the whole world seems to be using the same look is difficult to achieve a result that really define your personality. If it is true when they say that the fashion of beards is going on, at least in Europe, since the shows of last season, has already exhibited an aesthetic more clean, in some time we will know who was born to bear the long facial hair and those who prefer the clean face.