The Look Right: Engravatado and without the Blazer

Not have the obligation of working with formal wear opens up a whole new range of possibilities and combinations, but it does not mean that you can dress up in any way. Even those who dispense with the blazer, be it for style or to escape from the heat the same, preferring to work only with parts casual, it has that perfect in visual, especially when you have to deal with customers often. This week we’re talking about a combo ideal for those who value a look-aligned, even having freedom in the dress code of the work.

The Look Right Engravatado and without the Blazer

Why does it work?

Parts-discrete and modern combined with discretion can never go wrong! See the example of the twill pants five pocket, a piece with a footprint the young, but that has a clean look and neutral color helps a lot), accepting combinations with shirts plain or printed, but which in this case has won the support of chambray, this cotton fabric whose appearance recalls jeans and the lightness reminds us of the linen, lending a texture richer and more interesting for the top part.The proposal here is to be aligned, even with a casual outfit, the tie goes to the accessory that gives a finished end to the combo, giving a more professional. The shoe nubuck here is almost mandatory, since it can be relaxed without falling into the sporty style, as is the case with most tennis shoes.

Note: note the tip, tie a bit above the waist, that would be wrong in the suit or costume, but here, thanks to the twill pants and the waist lower, there is no problem in terminating a little before the waistband of his pants.

Try this…

Wear a vest tailoring in some neutral color such as black, graphite, navy, beige or even khaki. A beautiful watch of leather strap or steel help to complement with style. On very hot days, enjoy the time to fold the shirt above the elbows.

It would not be the same thing if…

Swapped out the chambray shirt for a cotton common, the visual would be more simple and with a guy in uniform, because a lot of companies adopt the twill pants light blue shirt as standard attire for the staff.

In short:

  • Do not have a dress code to follow at work does not mean to dress in any way;
  • Not only from the classic tale of friendship, live the looks professional, modern clothing, and discrete work very well;
  • Shirts of chambray are great to work with, and add much to the visual;
  • The tie gives the air of professional that you need;
  • Keep the shoes, but bet on casual nubuck;
  • A vest can add to the combo, but stay with neutral colors;

Tips complementary:

For chubby – pants with cut straighter’ll appreciate, the slim can make a lot of the legs, with the shirts is the same, the trim “confort” is not tightening, not the brand and is more comfortable.

For the kids – if you think that the silhouette is very sliced, opt for a pair of pants in a similar tone to the shoes. A shirt with the perfect help to stretch the back while a with fabric left over makes you look even more low.

For the altões – color variations on the pieces that help horizontalizar the look and bend a little the bar further enhances this effect.