Tip: Even Well-Dressed Stay Tuned for Details

Even for the men who dominate the men’s fashion and developed a striking style there is still an opponent to be overcome: the exaggeration! It is very easy to sin by excess of details, for example, a lot of times leaving a beautiful look with a kind of bad taste, and do not think that anyone who has information fashion not to go through it, quite to the contrary, at certain times knowing too much leads you to believe that you must include everything that comes to your mind.

Tip Even Well-Dressed Stay Tuned for Details

The photo that we used in the example above shows a good combination using a double-breasted blazer (or breasted cross-over, if you prefer), jeans, correct and a good casual shirt white, but there are certain details that could be improved, I’ll mention some:

  • The handkerchief in his pocket looks like a bed sheet, I have the feeling that he is going to make me attack, the accessory may be used with parsimony, as it is not an allegory of carnival not have to call more attention than the rest of the parts;
  • The sleeves repuxadas end up with the elegance of the blazer, getting crushed and jammed together at certain points;
  • The idea of pulling the sleeves to highlight the bracelets sounds forced too, if you choose any jewel, or the watch, let them appear naturally;
  • The shirt could have one more button closed, the blazer does not leave it open too much so this button seems to slouch, and even that revealed more of the chest would be exaggerated.

As it is, a look so simple and yet has 4 points that could be improved upon! Note that the subject responsible for the combination means of the subject, but in the eagerness to show all his knowledge ended up committing some pecadilhos. In addition there is the danger of becoming permissive too with these foibles and to weigh in the hand each time more, have a lot of people out there that he began dressing as well, but currently it looks like a Christmas tree.

I don’t think that we should censor what other people use, or how to use it, but if you play on the team of those who prefer the elegance of the exhibitionism I think you will agree with what was said above.