Travel to South America 2

Travel to South America

Trekking in South America

According to, South America is a fantastic continent, which offers indescribably beautiful natural scenarios. With the continent’s lush climate, it forms the setting for the most beautiful scenery and unique animal species. South America saves on wild experiences when it welcomes you deep inside the Amazon rainforests and shows you mighty waterfalls that you have never seen before. Tourist offers great trekking routes in South America.

Trekking in Peru

Tourist’s trekking trips to South America also go to Peru, which gives you the opportunity to get up close to the country’s beautiful nature and history. Peru hides a sea of ‚Äč‚Äčamazing cultural treasures that give you completely unique experiences. Follow in the footsteps of the Incas by the ancient Incasti up to the stunning Machu Picchu, which is located in lush and beautiful surroundings in the Andes. Here you can experience the ancient city, which offers beautiful ruins and lots of history. Trekking in Peru is a unique experience where amazing natural phenomena such as the Amazon rainforest, beautiful mountain lakes in the Andes and cultural history give you memories for life. We tailor your trip to get the most out of your trekking in South America.

Trekking in Chile

Chile is a fantastic trekking country as the country has some of the most beautiful national parks in the world. Among other things, you get the opportunity to experience the unique park, Torres del Paine, which is a mecca for trekkers and annually attracts more than 120,000 visitors. It is recommended that you visit Chile and the beautiful national park between November and February for optimal trekking and to get the best experiences on the southern tip of the continent. Chile takes you very close to the lush and animal-rich nature, and you will no doubt see natural scenarios that you have never seen before. Trekking in Chile is recommended to combine with the amazing Argentina.

Other routes in South America

Tourist’s trekking trips to South America can also offer trips to amazing destinations such as Bolivia, Ecuador, Argentina, Colombia and Mexico. South America is a large continent, where nature varies greatly across the different countries, but one thing is common to all destinations – they all offer unique nature experiences. South America has many natural treasures that are just waiting to be explored on a trekking trip to South America. Tourist offers tailor-made trips where several countries are combined. Among other things. our trekking trips to Chile are combined with Argentina, where South America’s highest mountain, Aconcagua at 6,956m, makes the landscape idyllic. Trekking trips to Peru are combined with beautiful Bolivia, which offers both highlands and jungle.

Safari and nature trips in South America

South America’s lush climate is packed with adventurous nature experiences. Here you can experience one of the world’s longest rivers, the Amazon River. You can also experience the driest desert on earth as well as priceless high mountains in the world’s longest mountain range, the Andes Mountains. The fantastic nature of South America is also filled with a unique wildlife, which is found in the Amazon rainforest, where fantastic waterfalls also appear. Tourist Travel offers some of the most amazing nature and animal experiences for this.

Ecuador and the Galapagos

On a trip to Ecuador and the Galapagos you will experience the unique wildlife as well as the lush nature that surpasses your wildest imagination. Ecuador is located in the northwestern part of South America next to the Pacific Ocean. Despite the size of the country, it is a little gem with countless experiences waiting. You can experience the epitome of deep and lush jungle as well as unique wildlife in the Amazon rainforest. When visiting Ecuador, the Pacific Galapagos Islands should be experienced too! Here you can see some of the world’s most endangered species, such as the jaguar and the galapagos turtle. In Ecuador and the Galapagos, you will experience exceptional wildlife with some species that you cannot find anywhere else on earth. Tourist Travel takes you on a nature journey packed with exciting wildlife and fantastic nature scenery.


Bolivia is in many ways an underrated country on the South American continent. What many do not know is that Bolivia is an irresistible country filled with travel experiences for everyone. On a trip to Bolivia you get a nature experience out of the ordinary. The country’s subtropical climate offers everything from exciting jungle experiences to snow on the mountain sides. The fantastic natural areas also offer, among other things, the world’s largest salt drought and the world’s highest lake, Lake Titicaca. In Bolivia, it is possible to live out the dream of experiencing the Amazon in a less visited area than, for example, in Brazil. You can listen to the howler monkeys’ morning song and spot caimans in the lake by the lodge. Join Tourist Travel on a unique journey through this fantastic natural paradise, where you have ample opportunity to experience the country’s exciting cultural heritage.

Travel to South America 2

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