Untouched Myanmar

Myanmar, which has lived in isolation for a long time, is a real treasure trove for nature tourists interested in hiking and long-distance holidaymakers interested in culture. Myanmar is a novice in the field of tourism compared to neighboring Thailand, and large crowds of tourists excel in their absence.

A mysterious destination in Asia

According to countryaah, Myanmar, also known as Burma, is located in Southeast Asia north of Thailand. Its other neighbors are Bangladesh, India, China and Laos. Myanmar has, over time, been home to several kingdoms. The country is also a former British colony and an Indian province that became independent in 1948.

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Myanmar has long been a highly closed country due to its administration, which has only begun to open up to tourists in recent years. Today, the tourist can move more freely in the country than in previous decades. However, a tourist arriving in the country needs a visa, which must be applied for in advance from Myanmar consulates or through a travel agency.

Short for BM by abbreviationfinder, Myanmar is well suited for culturally interested and adventurous travelers. The most famous destinations in the country are the cities of Yangon and Bagan, as well as the scenery of Lake Inle.

The feel of the tropics

Myanmar has a subtropical monsoon climate and temperatures, especially on the coast, remain in the 20-30 degree range all year round. During the hot season in April-May, temperatures often rise to 40 degrees.

The rainy season lasts in the country from May to October, when it rains, especially on the coast. The coast of Myanmar is also often ravaged by tropical storms. Winters are less rainy in the country and less rain on the coast also in the central part of the country.

In the highlands, temperatures stay cooler and can drop to just a few plus degrees in winter.

Fascinating cities

Due to its isolation, Myanmar has remained almost untouched by tourism standards. Unlike the neighboring country, Myanmar has not seen large masses of tourists in recent decades. Although tourism is a relatively new phenomenon in Myanmar, the locals receive the guests very kindly.

Exploring Myanmar is worth starting in one of the country’s fascinating urban destinations. Popular is, for example, Yangon, which is the largest city in Myanmar and the former capital of the country.

Another major city destination in Myanmar is Mandalay on the banks of the Irrawaddy River, where there is plenty to see for the traveler. Along the Irrawaddy River is also Bagan, known for its ruins.

Exotic hiking

In addition to the cities, many tourists love Myanmar’s nature and hiking is one of the best ways to experience Myanmar. The country has great opportunities for nature tourism, which is winged by magnificent exotic landscapes, small villages and temples.

There are about twenty nature parks in Myanmar, one of the most popular of which is Nat Ma Taung, a nature park that spreads around Mt Victoria. However, there are impressive hiking and trekking destinations all over the country, and in Myaing Haywun, for example, you can take part in elephant trekking, among other things.


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Flying to your destination

There are no direct flights from Finland to Myanmar. You can fly to the country, for example, via Bangkok, the capital of Thailand. Flights cost around 1000-2000 euros, depending on the time of travel and the airlines. In addition to a passport, the tourist also needs a visa.

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Some hotels available

It is good to remember that Myanmar’s infrastructure is underdeveloped compared to many other countries in Southeast Asia. However, good quality accommodation is available in Myanmar and tourism is constantly evolving.

Hotels include Yagon and Mandalay, as well as beach resorts in Ngapal and Ngwe Saung Beach. Myanmar also has good opportunities for ecotourism.

Air and waterways in use

You can conveniently move between different cities in Myanmar on domestic flights. Myanmar also has a lot of river traffic. Renting your own car in Myanmar is not recommended due to dangerous traffic and poor road network.



Yangon is the largest city in the country and the former capital of Myanmar. The influences of the British colonial era, for example in the cityscape and architecture, are still visible here.

The multicultural city is at its busiest during the day when the squares are bursting with life and people. The nightlife in the city is quiet.

Yangon has a lot to offer travelers. The most popular place to visit in the city of a million is the temple area of ​​Swedagon Paya.


Bagan has long been a glorious economic and cultural center of its region, as evidenced by the city’s impressive temple areas. A friend of the ruined towns will thrive in Bagan, whose ruins extend over an area of ​​40 square kilometers on the banks of the Ayeyarwaddy River.

You can tour the remains of up to 4,000 temples in the area. It is easy to explore the vast area, for example, on the back of a rented bicycle.

Inle Lake

Lake Inle, located in a hilly area in the eastern part of the country, is one of Myanmar’s favorite destinations. On the shores of the lake there is much to see from small villages to old temples and monasteries.



Try these natural attractions in Myanmar

  1. Inle
  2. Nat Ma Taung
  3. Myaing Haywun

The disadvantages of Myanmar

  1. Remember vaccinations! More information:
  2. Nightlife in several destinations quiet
  3. Undeveloped infrastructure

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